10 Smoking Smoke Problems and Solutions

There is nothing worse than arriving after a hard day and when you finally get a decent fire, all you get is smoke coming back into the piece. It burns the eyes and lungs and you have to open the windows and doors to let cold air into the room. This smell penetrates all the fabrics of the house as well as into your clothes, and it seems like it takes forever to get rid of it.

Many of the common problems related to smoking relate to the fact that a fire must be provided with a large amount of extra air as one of its three main elements, as well as the need to have a proper opening through the chimney to the outside in order to vent smoke and gases so that they do not come back into the room chimney. Here is a list of the top ten possible reasons and their solutions for why you have this smoking problem.

1) Dirty or obstructed chimney – Have the chimney inspected and swept by a certified chimney sweep so that the chimney can Check for any obstacles such as the nest of a bird or branches of the chimney. 39, tree, or the missing volleyball of your child. In addition, a dirty chimney cap will prevent smoke from coming out of the chimney.

2) Closed Valve – Before starting a fire, always check that the damper is fully open. If you are not sure, shine a flashlight in the fireplace to see if the metal damping plate is open or closed.

3) Fueled firewood must be at least one year old. It should be kept dry and protected from the rain. If the log is larger than 6 inches in diameter, it must be divided so that it burns efficiently and some types of prefabricated "paper" logs may be subject to smoking.

4) Placement of fire protection grills – The grate fire is where you place your wood in the firebox and should be placed as far into the firebox as possible, preferably directly against the back wall to create a good draft.Sometimes it is necessary to lift the grid with bricks to help. more air under the grill for better circulation and it also elevates the fire height.

5) Fireplace not built to good dimensions – The opening of the fireplace is often too big or too large, especially compared to the fireplace. This can give the smoke the choice of getting into the chimney or entering the room. The solution could be to add a metal smoke shield to the top of the fireplace opening, since It reduces the size of the opening. chimneys have an inherent smoking problem because of their sensitivity to air currents in the house. In this case, you might think about installing glass doors. Another thing, if the chimney does not have the proper height, you may need to extend the height of the chimney to improve the suction.

6) Cold weather- If the weather outside the house is colder and / or raining, the air inside the chimney will be cold and heavy and will prevent smoke to escape. In this case, it is possible to prime the fireplace by winding a log and then lighting it, then holding the illuminated end near the open damper inside the firebox. for a minute or two to warm the heavy air of the duct. Then you can light the fire and ideally have a good draw.

7) The house is near a canyon or a hill- If the house is next to a canyon, a hill or a slope, there may be smoke problems. and Downdrafts. The air is pushed into the fireplace in the room. Many times, a specially designed chimney windshield will solve this problem since the top of the chimney rotates like a wind vane and the back of the cap creates a barrier against the wind.

8) Central Heating System – If the heating is on, you will lose the chimney draft which will cause a smoking problem. This is because the central air oven is so strong that even if the air inlet of the central heating system is not in the same room as the hearth, it sucks the air. air outside the chimney and makes it smoke. the fire is going on. Do not operate the stove while the fireplace is running!

9) Difference in air pressure – As houses are built much tighter than before, the air pressure inside the house may be different than that of the House. allow good suction of air through the chimney as well as the fire not receiving adequate fill air. This will also happen if a house is refitted with new windows and tighter doors. To reduce the smoking problem, open a window or door (preferably at the same level as the fireplace) in the room.

10) Tall Trees and Buildings – A large tree or second floor added (yours or your neighbor's)) near the chimney can change wind currents and bring down drafts through the chimney and cause not only a problem of smoking, but also a problem of odor. Keep these trees cut! With the problem of the second floor, the solution will probably increase the height of the chimney, but in some cases, the wind cap could help.

These at least hit the highlights of what might be the problem facing this problem. There are other possible reasons for this problem, so if the corrective actions presented here do not deal with it, the best advice I could give would be to contact a certified AISC Chimney Sweep in your area and put it to work. outside. Good luck!

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