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The best air filter-air purifier for allergies is the air filter HEPA filter

Do you suffer from allergies?

You may suffer from allergies, but you do not have to suffer at home. The special air purifiers are specially designed to help people with allergies. Filters and purifiers are relatively inexpensive and readily available to help people with allergies.

These purifiers will remove air from all 99% of all pollutants. These machines will help people with allergies and provide cleaner air to all people living on the premises. These purifiers have special filters that are made to rid the air of allergens. These devices have been improved so that they work quietly in the house.

Bacteria Mold and Mildew

There are many devices that suck air into a special "destruction chamber" designed to kill mold and bacteria. They will only be able to clean up the air they attract in them, and they will have it. Since some of these small purifiers have very small fans, it would take a long time to suck up all the air that is there.


Ionizers simply negatively charge the air ions. The floating dust particles will hang on a surface of the room, as does static electricity. You can feel the fresh air coming out. That can only be a good thing, is not it? Not really. Although the ionization can give a clean and temporary smell, and can extract the dust from the air.

The best air filter / purifier for allergies is the HEPA filter.

The only way to really remove dust and other airborne particles. room allergens are filtered using a HEPA air filter

What is a HEPA Air Filter?

The letters of the word HEPA mean stop high efficiency particles.

The HEPA filter was developed during World War II by the Atomic Energy Commission and it was designed to remove and capture radioactive dust particles from the air that could escape and present a health hazard to researchers.

These purifiers are designed to capture dust, mites. , pollen, mold spores, animal and animal dander and other particles because it cleans the air of your home.

HEPA Air Purifiers / Air Filters are cleaners that use a blower to suck up pollutants and capture them in a filter and return clean air to the room.

If the filter has a low CFM rating simply will not move enough particles, and therefore do not filter and clean a lot of air.

The HEPA filter is particularly effective in protecting the human respiratory system. The HEPA filter "True" is recognized by OSHA / EPA as the ULTIMATE in air cleaning and is a proven method "True" HEPA filters are considered the best form of filtration from the air. These air purifiers can really make a difference by eliminating smoke, dust, mildew, pollen, bacteria, viruses and odors in your room, your home, your office or your business. They offer the best overall performance of the air filter to eliminate dust, smoke, gas and odors.

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There, but for the Grace of God, I'm going … Quitting cigarettes

God did for me what I could not do for myself

I do not remember exactly from the day I started smoking cigarettes, but I remember the day I was there. I quit smoking as if it was yesterday. By the age of ten, began to act cool as adults with a couple of friends acting as if we were smoking curled by lawn backyards and Merrill Park at Jeffery Manor in Chicago, Illinois. We also tried to smoke dried tree leaves wrapped in notepaper, typing paper, old Chicago Transit Authority transfer paper, torn pages from a phone book or anything that was available. I'm trying to imitate my father, my cousins, other adults, movie stars, soldiers, cowboys, musicians, tough guys, bad guys, nice guys and d & # 39; 39, other heroes who smoked cigarettes. I guess it was cool and glamorous when they were breathing / exhaling smoke in their lungs. This made them smarter and more in control. I did not know how to smoke at all. I just blew and coughed because of the burning sensation that I felt in my chest and in my lungs. It was terribly painful! One day, a friend stole an open package from his mother and we tried to smoke a real car/">cigarette. I think it was cigarettes from Benson & Hedges or Virginia Slims. By the way, we learned that a car/">cigarette also called a "square". We almost broke up because my friend's mother discovered that her cigarettes were missing and it seemed like the problems were coming up quickly. In one way or another, I dodged this bullet. If you ask me today, then I would have liked to be broken so that I could be punished. And at the time we used to be beaten for disobedience and wrongdoing. Today, we are talking about child abuse. I think that is what is wrong with this world today. Spare the stem; spoil the child. I needed a little recoil just on GP

Time was passing and I was learning to smoke the real McCoy, fresh cigarettes out of the box or anti-crush box! Newport brand cigarettes, an attractive green square package or box with the Nike swoosh upside down on the front label and the general surgeon's warning on the side, to be exact. Twenty filtered Menthol cigarettes, jam stuffed with nicotine, tar, embalming liquid and hundreds of deadly toxic poisons at low dosage. I've learned to hold the car/">cigarette as a real man should. I held the square between my index finger and middle finger with a slight curve on the pull, as a cool way to hold a pool stick in a billiard room, tavern, bar or club. I was cool at 12 years old. Stunting my growth and development already. It took me a few days to learn exactly how to inhale smoke without choking it. And of course, I choked. At the beginning of my 24-year life sentence, I was stunned and stunned as a car/">cigarette smoker. This feeling of lightness made me feel relaxed after taking a refreshing car/">cigarette. Oh, I did not discriminate at first. I have smoked many different brands without prejudice. For example, Kools, Marlborough, Salems, Players, Camel and Viceroys (the brand that helped give my dad emphysema and cancer), well, whatever, it does not matter. In other words, if you had a car/">cigarette, I would probably smoke without hesitation. I was cool, calm and collected, a smoker in control. I mean I was bad, the best of the best, the best cat, cool, can you dig it? (I thought)

Always cough cold. Spitters spitting from off-white to yellow, from fawn, brown and green, orange and red, and sometimes black hocker. Sometimes, get a solid mandrel that looks like a broken sunflower seed that stank worse than Rex's dog's breath on a hot and humid day in Maywood, Illinois in the month of July. Cigarettes were cheap to redeem in the day. I mean in the early 1980s when I started smoking. They were more or less about 75 cents a pack. I've heard that in the military, there was about $ 7 for a box of 20 packs of squares at the time, in the early 80's. It did not cost much of to kill you at the time. Now the cost of living is high and the cost of death is higher. My older brother and I used to hang out in a friends house. There we were allowed to smoke, drink and listen to loud music in the basement. At home, we hid our bad habit of smoking by taking our heads out of the bathroom window while smoking cigarettes. We used a spray with cooler air and spray to kill the smell of car/">cigarette smoke. Who did we cheat? One snowy night, during the winter of 1982-1983, my brother went to the avenue where we lived to smoke cigarettes. My mother, for one reason or another, opened the door, peered into the street, just as my brother was taking some hearty drags, on a freshly lit Newport 100 car/">cigarette. She came out of the house and saw him smoking. I almost broke that day because I was about to take my cigarettes out of my pocket. Well, just say that finally I confessed to my smoking habit at this time too. My mother told us not to smoke around her or at her home, period. She was very disappointed with us but she knew it was all she could do because we were big boys and officially intoxicated with nicotine, tar and about 400 other low-dose poisons.

Shortness of breath, bad cold and flu symptoms, yellowish nails (coffin), eyes that looked humble and dimly lit were signs of the unhealthy appearance of smoking cigarettes. What a trail after taking so many streaks. Clothes and hair stink like smoke. Holes burned in clothes. I've apparently loved cigarettes and it was a marriage of convenience that kept us together as one. And for 24 years, it took toll on my life and me. Nicotine controlled me and I was not the wisest. A friend once said that every time I took smoke, 5 seconds were taken from my life. My rational answer was, we're all going to die of something, you'll never know what or how. Enough said for the glory of smoking cigarettes.

While I was visiting an elder near Green Bay, Wisconsin in the spring of 1984, I remember eating an authentic home-cooked Polish dinner for the very first time. We ate Polish sausage and sauerkraut and some horseradish kicks. It was the bomb! I was about 14 years old at the time. I had a girlfriend. She did not smoke. I always use it to brush my teeth, use a mouthwash, chew gum and use a mint, spray or something before kissing it if I smoked. It was really not fair, to be honest. I mean, my smoking. But I denied the truth about it. Back in Green Bay, the people I visited discovered that I was a young boy who was smoking cigarettes, after trying to hide it and hide it. I remember, Joseph a man whom I love and respect as a father, telling me not to be a hypocrite and admit that I smoke. I had the impression that a weight had been lifted from my chest after telling the truth. Yet, I still smoked. So, I asked Joseph's father, Gramps, if he smoked? He said "yes, but he resigned about 15 years before our conversation." I asked him "how did he leave?" He said, "He just stopped." And that, "when it's time for you to stop, then you'll know it and leave it just for good." I had a new addiction to the nicotine that ran down my veins and I craved a car/">cigarette after this delicious meal. I thought, "easier said than to be old". This meeting with him has stayed with me ever since.

Over time, the year has progressed. The same thing, I smoked after eating food, drinking alcoholic beverages, drinking coffee, drinking soft drinks and especially drinking very caffeinated colas. I smoke when I feel happy, sad, upset, or just smoke a car/">cigarette to have something to do like the people who play baseball, a long time ago. Even when someone answered me, when problems and problems arose, before and after I was relieved, I had to smoke another car/">cigarette. It's the pure truth. And it's something with this sting!

I remember trying to quit without success. I would like to leave a day or two, a week or two and "bam!" I was back again, "Smokin"! " It was gone for shopping, baby. Addicted to nicotine. You see, over the years, I have become allergic to dogs, cats, dust, pollen and herbs. I later developed bronchitis. I wonder if smoking has anything to do with my development of these health problems. Hmm. I wonder … Well, anyway, I'm in my mid-thirties. I am now a little older and I think a little wiser. I no longer need to look cool, act cool and think that I am cool, to be cool. Sometimes, to be cool, you have to be cool. You will surprise your friends and confuse your enemies. I felt like Pavlov's dog when it came to smoking cigarettes. I also started to remember when my mother said, "I do not want to use anything that has so much power over me. Yes, she was right and basically said, "I am helpless on cigarettes." Until I realize the truth in this statement, I would probably have smoked for the rest of my natural life. It's not so much the physical dependence of nicotine or cigarettes, but the mental addiction caused by my thinking and the strength of habitual thinking and acting on the thought of physically craving nicotine. to get my dose of nicotine was to light a car/">cigarette and inhale the smoke.If I do not take the car/">cigarette, I will not smoke.

A few months ago, one night I Woke up very early, like 3 am Immediately, I had the thought of writing all the pros and cons of smoking cigarettes .In addition to looking cool, which is a lie, I could not find a good reason to smoke cigarettes. There are good reasons why I should not smoke, though. I found more than 35 reasons. Here are some reasons why I should quit cigarettes at the top of the list.

1. Stopping smoking now reduces your risk of contracting throat cancer, lung cancer, emphysema, asthma, allergies, bronchitis, colon cancer or stomach and other serious health problems.

2. Pregnant women reduce the risk of miscarriage or children born with congenital malformations.

3. Cough less and less colds and flu symptoms.

4. Breathe better, more freely and easily.

5. The outlook on life will improve.

6. Run, walk and climb the stairs with less effort.

7. Smile wider with brighter eyes.

8. Mental acuity and alertness improve considerably.

9. Hair, skin, teeth and nails smell and look better.

10. You will save a lot of money.

Just read the side of a pack of cigarettes. He comes with a serious warning. These are the consequences you get for smoking. I know it because my biological father died of throat cancer and emphysema. Yes, he smoked cigarettes, suffered the consequences and died prematurely. God rest his soul. One day while chatting with a good friend about his recent smoking cigarettes. He made it easy and in fact it is. First, let's look at the score. The price of cigarettes has recently increased because of the excise taxes of cities and states of Illinois for health costs / benefits, the military budget and a lot of other things. It costs $ 7 for a new pack of cigarettes in many Chicago stores. But the real cost of smoking is one human life at a time. Many cities have now imposed smoking bans in public facilities, even outside. People are aware that second-hand smoke causes cancer and emphysema, just like inhaling / exhaling the smoking gun, first-hand. It is becoming more and more socially unacceptable to smoke. Ahhh, the pressure …

Well, Charles, the good friend of mine that I mentioned, said that he stopped smoking with the help of his realizing that he too is helpless about cigarettes and that his life was unmanageable like the time and effort put into smoking cigarettes. And only a power greater than himself or that I call God, could remove the mental obsession of a nicotine solution or should I say smoking cigarettes. Plus, he did not mention that he had been pretending or that he had had nicotine seizures or a bad attitude associated with many smokers because it did not occur there. had almost none. In fact, when I finally stopped. I only had two big car/">cigarette cravings that I could really remember. The rest was just my choice and my desire not to smoke at all, which God has given me to remove, Himself. "God did for me what I could not do for myself!" Also, my good friend Charles said that he just chose a date to quit smoking "cold turkey". No nicotine patches or nicotine gum because the problem is not the stamp or the gum, the problem is the person who smokes. You do not need a crutch. In addition, you only take the thing you are trying to remove, "nicotine". He said that after two days, the cravings are gone. It was just that his desire not to smoke cigarettes outweighed his desire to smoke cigarettes. Also, believe that greater power than you or God can restore your thinking to mental health. Madness does the same thing and expects different results. Mental health is knowing and believing and acting on the truth that you can not succeed in smoking cigarettes without serious consequences. When you realize that you are helpless in front of tobacco or smoking cigarettes, you give up believing that you can beat the power of a car/">cigarette and cause death to yourself and to others. You have no power over cigarettes. So stop fighting the cravings and let them pass in front of you. Stop anticipating how you will act by quitting smoking. Try exercises such as jogging, cycling or swimming. Read a book; write a short story or a poem or two. For example, participate in a poetry and writing contest such as Dream Quest One Poetry & Writing Contest . It's a great way to share your thoughts, feelings and dreams with the world. It helps you get out of yourself. Do not think about smoking and do not try to understand how God works. The Lord's mysterious ways. So make the decision to entrust your will and your life to your higher power, as you understand it. This means that every morning you wake up, the day you want to smoke a car/">cigarette and before going to bed, return your will and your life to the full care and surrender of God such as you understand it. Give yourself completely to God. You will see a change. You better believe it. He will lead your way to quit cigarettes one day at a time. Take a deep breath every time you feel the need to smoke. And if you really want to quit, you will understand that when a desire comes to you, you are helpless. And just let through you instead of being strong and trying to resist something that you can not resist on your own. Let go of it and let God have it. Let God handle it. If he brings you there, he will guide you through. You will see the results one day at a time. In the long run, you will be smoke free and healthier. For more information on stopping smoking please visit the following sites: (God bless!)


· http: //www.cancer .org


· http: //

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Art of Colonial Candle Making – Need for a Pleasant Hobby

The first American contribution to the making of candles was marked by colonial women who discovered that boiling berries produced a fragrant wax that burned without smoke. At the time, making candles was the necessity of colonial women who turned them into a nice hobby today.

Candlelight manufacture in the colonial era was mainly done using tallow (animal fat). To this end, the tallow was boiled until the water evaporated and the dirt was removed. Colonial women generally used a "method of soaking tallow" when wicks of cotton candles were soaked in a pot of melted tallow. But they produced an unpleasant smell and did not burn well. The settlers eventually discovered that the berries had a pleasant scent when they were added to the wax and withstood the heat and burned regularly.

But producing candles in the bayberry proved very heavy because it was very difficult to extract the wax. Making candles using berries proved to be a very tiring and time-consuming process, which was very difficult for colonial women because it required eight pounds of berries for produce a pound of wax. Although beeswax was available and burned without smell, these candles were expensive and only the rich and the rich could afford them.

In the late 17th and early 18th century it was discovered that using wax produced from crystallized sperm whale oil known as spermaceti wax. As well as bee wax, spermaceti wax also did not produce odor and was also harder than tallow, bayberry and bee wax. In addition, it did not soften with changing temperatures during the summer and burned longer. The art of making colonial candles has seen its first "standard candle" made from Spermaceti wax.

The art of making colonial candles practiced the use of candle molds. As soaking the locks in tallow to thicken them overnight becomes difficult due to temperature distortions, this inconvenience has paved the way for the discovery of candle molds. The first colonial women used wooden molds which were later replaced by tin, tin or tin candle molds. Wick making in Colonial America was the children's responsibility, and were made by dipping hemp into saltpetre, which was then twisted and doubled to form a loop at one of the ends. These locks were placed inside the molds, then hot tallow or wax was poured on them. Once the tallow or wax has cooled and hardened, it has been soaked in hot water to release the candle from the mold. This liberated candle was then polished with fabric. Colonial women saw this as an easier process of making candles than spending days soaking candles.

The invention of the bulb was attested in the late eighteenth century and into the nineteenth century by the use of paraffin-based petroleum. From the art of making colonial candles that went from a necessity to a nice hobby today.

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Ew, that smells! Cleaning smoke and other odors in your collectibles

Have you ever bought anything, did you bring it home and then realized that it did not smell fresh like a daisy? Have you ever opened a box that you have stored and the smell almost knocked you over? While everyone has a different sensitivity to smells, the last thing you want to do is send a buyer who is not wary of a package that has a foul smell.

Sellers of cigarettes, cigars or pipes should be particularly careful. a smoke-free area if they want their buyers to come back. Nobody wants to buy a garment only to discover that it smells like an ashtray. Keep your shipping materials in areas where smoking is prohibited, as the carton easily absorbs odors.

Getting rid of odors can be a tedious task that must be done with great care. Many collectibles simply can not be washed. It is there that the simple cleaning elements are the best.

Always test the method you choose in an area that will not be visible before cleaning the entire item. Use these cleaning tips at your own risk.

If the item is washable, as a garment, wash it by hand or soak it in cold water with Woolite and then dip it in a mixture of white vinegar and water. 39, water a gallon of water). Let dry in the air. It has been said that the use of Woolite on some vintage doll clothes (even Barbie clothes) ruins the sizing so be very careful.

And if the article is not washable? Get a plastic container with an airtight lid and pour a few inches of baking soda. Put a layer of paper towels on the baking soda, and then place the object you are trying to refresh on top of the paper towels. Put the lid on and let it sit for 5 to 7 days. Repeat as often as necessary until the odor disappears.

Another remedy you can try is to leave your item outside in the sun for a few days (as long as the weather is fine). Do not do this with anything that would be damaged by heat or could melt. I've also heard that leaving an object out overnight if the weather is dry can work as long as the object is not porous.

Books, boxes and articles of paper should be aerated or placed in containers containing baking soda. Most paper items should not be left in direct sunlight as they may fade.

There are powerful anti-odor products on the market that you can use. One of them is called D-Stinker by Twin Pines of Maine and is made to remove odors from non-porous items. They even have doll cleaning instructions on their website.

I bought china sets on several occasions that were plagued by the smell of smoke and yellow discoloration. I've put these items on China's setting on my dishwasher and let the cycle turn. It removes most of the residue. A little glass cleaner or degreaser mixed with water can be used to get rid of yellow stains.

Make sure you always do an odor test when you buy used items. Unless the article is rare or highly collectible, it is best to convey articles that have offensive odors. You can find a treasure at really low prices, but the cost can be huge if you have to spend hours cleaning it.

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The shocking truth about smoke detectors and fire alarms

Find out which fire sprinkler systems are the most effective fire protection!

A Scottsdale family also thought that fire alarms were sufficient to protect them from fire – with tragic results. Two middle-aged adults and one young adult lived in the house.

Even so, the family was rendered unconscious by inhaling smoke before firefighters could save them. When they arrived, they were able to take out all the occupants of the house. One has survived. One died on the scene, and one died later in the hospital. Discover why more and more homes are moving from passive fire protection to active fire protection

Fire alarms are a passive defense against fire: they warn you of a problem, but they do not do anything about it. Another to contain a fire. They are passive in their protective abilities.

About 14% of fire alarms malfunction during a fire. Many others do not work because of a mistake by the user – the batteries have expired or the device has been unplugged to prevent it from shutting down accidentally. The fire alarms are so sensitive that a little smoke coming from cooking food on the stove can trigger them, causing many people to disconnect them from frustration.

Most fires occur at night when people are sleeping. It can take several minutes for a family to wake up, get dressed and come out of the house when a fire alarm goes off, no matter what the noise. These few minutes are all a fire must escape all control. At the moment a fire alarm goes off, residents are in a race against fire and all too often the fire wins.

In addition, young children are particularly vulnerable to fire. Children under five usually do not understand what they need to do. They often hide under a bed or in a closet and usually can not escape alone

The disabled and the elderly can not move quickly without assistance and may have difficulty climbing stairs and stairs. stairs in case of emergency. Many fire-related deaths involve people with health problems who can not move fast enough to get out alone

Active Protection: Why Sprinklers Are So Effective

Fire extinguishers extinguish the fire at its source. a chance to grow. Nine times out of ten, a single jet head is enough to extinguish a fire.

The water flow of sprinklers is designed to lower the internal temperature of a fire to the point where heat can be maintained. Sprinklers extinguish the fire by removing its heat.

Sprinklers also reduce the risk of death by inhalation of smoke, which is the most common cause of death in a house fire.

Sprinklers are the most effective way to protect your home against fire. They are more effective than fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and even firefighters. After a single fire, your family will thank you.

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A short story on a travel theme – Aliens

We arrived more than two hours later than expected, but the summer light from the west of England had not yet disappeared even at dusk. A soft, golden glow was just on the other side of the sunset, which had dyed a flat, calm sea beyond this tumultuous village. We were tourists here, strangers in this small, tight place.

For us, it was only part of a tour, a long weekend that we shared, under the claws of our combined and always demanding careers. I felt totally liberated, that beautiful evening, as we walked on the quarter-mile of dry, steep cobblestones from mandatory parking to the car-free village, deadlines and advertising requirements for once confined outside the confines of this little place. And I could tell from Jenny's springtime that her battles with the bottom sets at Lewisham were now farther away than our three days on the road.

There was a small gift shop, a trinket for tourists, 100 meters from the alley. I bought the newspaper our anticipated departure from St. Petersburg. Ives had denied me, my daily routine of long-established political gossip as an essential feature of my adoption in London life. I explained that we were strangers here, had rolled on the secondary road in the hope of finding something interesting and had nothing reserved.

The shopkeeper told us that we had just three options – the old hotel just down the street, a bed and breakfast down by the harbor or farmhouse near the junction with the main road, where we had off.

"It was different years ago," he says, "when a lot of people were staying, but now they are all day trippers and vacation homes."

The Old Hotel was two hundred meters from the shop, at the head of the steep creek that sheltered the entangled triangle of the village. It was a little beyond the price we had used to pay and had AA stars framed on the reception desk, but we fell for the place and we arrived, just for one night. It was the kind of black and white Jacobean inn, which lacked a straight line could have suggested that it was original. But the beams were hollow and the plaque above the entrance said: "Refurbished in 1958."

"Do you have luggage to bring parking?" the receptionist asked. The name tag pinned to her blouse said, Hilary, Manageress'. "We have a man with a donkey and a sled that will bring him back for you." She did not joke.

I raised our two tote bags and said that it was all we had. She smoked, offering politeness but communicating knowledge tinged with judgment. It was at a time when it was still unusual for a couple to log in without obviously trying to seem married.

We took the key for room number six. There were only eight and the other seven were still hanging on their hooks when we took the elevator – yes, the elevator! – on the upper floor. Number six was at the back, of course, just above the kitchen hood fan and overlooked a closed yard with a yellowed corrugated plastic roof. It hid a panoply of uncovered trash cans, from which a hint of aroma softened the calm air as we opened the windows to encourage the previous occupant's car/">cigarette smoke to leave. We dropped the bags and went down to the sea to soak up the last late spring sun at its location.

The beach was pebbly and small, stacked against a harbor wall that stretched over a good fifty meters into the shallow sea. A couple of clapboard buildings, big rotten, clinging to its prominence, their long history of profit, but their structures all but staying. There were missing doors and a structure did not have interior, the discovery entrance simply revealing the sky beyond. At one point, it is clear that the people of the region had something to gain from life, from fishing, perhaps from petty trading, from smuggling in difficult times, from recovery on purpose, who knows . And then came the tourist, the nineteenth century foreign trade of invention that evaporated when the main road widened and made the place no more than 15 years old. a day trip to this side of Birmingham or London.

As we descended the falsely steep single track that ran through the village, we passed several open doors in search of air at the end of May. After London, everything here was so comfortable, so small, so warm and so harmless, as if the place itself welcomed us into its fold.

We saw only two other people, both going down the path, and each of them offered their greetings. "It's not pretty," Jenny said. "Do not you want to live here?" I refused to answer.

We ate at the Old Hotel. There was nowhere else. We ordered the grilled sole with parsley butter. Potatoes and broccoli were seasonal legumes. It took more than half an hour for the food to appear. We finished the white house bottle we had ordered to go with the fish long before even the smell of cooking went through the kitchen. We had significant chuckles speculating on how long in the Bristol Channel the boat had to fetch our order. We ate. It was not bad, and then we moved across the bar, the four steps necessary to change places we actually redefining customers to the locals. An accordion glass partition separated the zones in theory, but tonight it had been largely open for ventilation. The rest of the evening became a tale of three women, Hilary, Sue and Sandra, all that dreamed.

The hotel bar is the only place to drink, so it's a pub, with its regulars. Half a dozen men are collectively and resolutely committed to preventing the top of the oak from rising, their elbows planed firmly, including its continuous stay on the ground. They spend the time of the night with what appears to be a predictable set of platitudes. "I bought the D-reg because I thought it would work cheaper in the long run, with smaller and other maintenance bills … … But you bought to do more than that kind of thing yourself and then you I would not have to pay anything … … yes, i know, but i just do not have the time … you just go beyond the first turning point … … Beyond the egg farm where my brother used to work … … they are really cheap if you get them buy by the bag … … heavily bloody, you make fun of yourself … "

She is forty, she is sixty, completely repentant what she sees before her, yet totally resigned – or condemned – to serve her every need. It is rather large and rather square, both on the face and on the body. She was like that since she could remember it. Black hair, cut quite, but not very short and swept by a wave at the front showing that she spent a little time washing and straightening before starting to work behind the bar from the Old Hotel. On the other side of the argument is a series of slobs, one of which we only seem to see from the back. Its head is triangular with the apex at the base. A pair of key-in-keyhole ears go beyond. He was probably called "wing-nut" by his classmates at school. I resist the temptation to grab an ear key and twist it to see what it could unlock. From the conversation to the bar, we can clearly hear, the answer is certainly not much.

million. Ears is a bit of a leader, he thinks. He rarely lets pass any conversation shared by others without his own comment inserted. He is wearing a heavily stained boiler suit and a pair of Doc Martins who have had better decades. His skin is rough and dark, but probably not by the sun. His head is shaved, but shows a shadow on the edge of his baldness. He seemed to be driving with his head, as he pointed to highlight every bulky word he was talking about.

At some point, there seems to be a lull in the conversation. Mr. Ears picks up one of the damp cloth runners from the bar and throws it at Sandra. He thinks it's very funny and pushes his neighbor in the ribs while he throws. Sandra is seriously amused. She tries to say, "Please, do not do that" just when he raises his arm, but it's only halfway to the "Please" at the moment he threw it. To say that she is not amused, is to minimize the fact that it fills her eyes. But still, it's a life.

Her son helped with the dishes in the under-equipped kitchen. He is fourteen, at least that is what Sandra immediately chooses to tell us when he appears. She gravitates towards our end of the small bar, placing the maximum distance between her and the group we are learning now includes her husband, Mr. Ears. Darren, the son, is like her, the same shape, but with brown, not black hair. I feel Jenny conclude that the mother is dyed. Darren is still his mother's boy, not yet his father's threat. Knowing that she will have to put the place in the shelter tonight before she leaves, she makes him wipe the tables and stack the stools, meant to be unused tonight. Mr. Ears, with his triangular head and ears as a key ring, smiles a little while drinking whiskey.

He orders a drinks tour for himself and his companions. He opens his theatrical leather wallet almost theatrically, then draws a face that deigns to surprise when he finds it empty. Sandra's expression is both conscious and tired while she loathes reluctantly when she turns her back on him, writes a debt acknowledgment and places it in the cashier. There is no doubt in his own name. She takes a little penny in the change. of the nugget, which she offers and he pockets, click the coins against a set of keys in her deep pockets, as if she ensured that she had fallen to the bottom. A few minutes later, he needs another recharge that costs eighty-five pence, but he produces only twenty-five of his pocket. Sandra composes the rest of her purse, her lips squeezing a silent curse as she manipulates the crate.

A minute later, Hilary appears from the kitchen. She gives Sandra a brown envelope. A slight smile confirms that these are wages, sometimes for the week. Sandra immediately extracts a note, deposits it in the cash register and recovers her debt acknowledgment, which, after having attracted the attention of her husband, tears into small pieces and ditches in an ashtray, an ashtray that she will have to clean later. . Mr. Ears barks and growls a little, maybe feeling a pose in front of his mates, but later we are told that he really wants to have the paper intact so that he can read the amount to verify that Sandra do not fiddle with it and organize to keep something for itself. "Never trust business people," he said aloud to his companion, "but never vote against them! He's laughing.

Sue follows Hilary from the kitchen. We know her name immediately because Sandra greets her, as if she has not seen her for weeks. His white jacket with side buttons identifies him as the person who grilled our fish. This is a very good cook. We enjoyed our sole, I tell him. She says thank you, but she immediately indulges in personal depreciation, apologizing for the fact that she has never had any training. Her words are like a magnet for other women, who immediately move to our end of the bar, as far away from the premises as possible. Sue then talks to us about a coffee fudge cake that prompted a guest to suggest him. The ladies laugh, including my Jenny. Her husband, however, was the one who tasted how to cook the fish. Everything is in salt. After all, they live in salt water, is not it?

Maybe because we are strangers, Sue wants to talk. It is clear that people on the other side would not be interested in the fact that she often has to cook for about thirty people in a kennel size kitchen. Hilary, Sue and Sandra are clearly not happy with their fate. Hilary, above all, seems tense and discouraged while Sue tries to explain the facilities to the back. When she invites us through the bar to inspect where she works, Hilary seems disturbed, even threatened. "Look," says Sue, with an arm gesture, "There is a microwave, a gas stove of the year and a freezer that would not serve a family of four." [19659002] Hilary reminds us of the good side of the bar There's not a lot of work here, she tells us.We make visiting the kitchen was clearly more than her job was worth, so she changes the subject. "C & # 39, is nice here, but I have the impression that life goes beyond me … I'm from town, I'm from Walsall, I really like being in London, but my boyfriend is a shepherd and there is no call for them to Mayfair. "

But she makes sure we record that Sue is working in the kitchen for next to nothing, and the owner, who often reviews, said that he would not be here to give helping out tonight because he was sick, so that she knew very well that in fact he and his wife had been invited to dinner by the Cowan's on their farm.

"At this time of the year, when the sky is clear and the l '. The air is fresh and the weather is nice, you might think it's a really nice place to live. Give me a modern bungalow with double glazing and central heating every day, nights like these, I'm almost happy to work here, at least it's hot. "The words have been qualified by a wink at the regulars." But then you have to sit here and endure the garbage that we talk about a lot all night … Honestly in the winter, in the nights dark, there are times when you would like you to be far away from here. because the fact that the owners never want to put money in the place .. attractive .. But then you get up in the morning and the sun shines and the sky is blue and you can see through at Lundy Island and you walk the dogs C & # 39; s is while she changed … A neglected duty resurfaced from a forgotten cell … A moment later she came back from the reception, she had another brown envelope for Sandra, who smoked while taking It could be heard the word "bonus", but there was a question mark: by then we had decided to and as we came out of our stools, we had only time to ask him good evening.

The next morning, we went for a walk again, there was really nowhere to go, exc ept where we had been. You could go up or down. Up was back to the car. Down was at the sea. We chose down. Up would come later. We walked along the harbor wall, past the dilapidated hutches to look at the flat calm that lay beneath a gray but light sky. There was a buzzard, an intruder, screaming when the seagulls pecked. We watched the chase for ten minutes or more while local breeders ensured that the unwanted stranger was well and truly escorted out of their fix.

As we got off the ramp and back on the shingle, a British Telecom van appeared from the city. We assumed that he must have a special distribution to drive the main street, a privilege reserved only for businesses. At the bottom, the driver stopped and then started backing up. It was clearly only a change of direction, as there was nowhere along the main street to turn once you entered the village. A group of men to our right noticed the noise and broke with their silly task of trying to move a rusty old hulk through the shingles with makeshift levers. It was the hint of rotation that attracted them. It was someone who did not know the place. It was a potential profit. A hint of forward motion in the pickup truck dissolved in an engine stroke as the rear sank into the body into the loose stones.

Crowbars discarded, the guys surrounded their captive in seconds. "He understood …" grumbled Mr Ears, who was one of the first to arrive. He recognized us from the bar and spoke directly to us, but the words were for the benefit of the van driver. He scratched his head several times as his comrades appeared. They also mumbled as they squatted to inspect the depth of the problem. The driver of the van and his companion were out of their seats, their doors slamming in the pebbles. Mr. Ears then said a lot, but I just said a strange word. He scratched his head again. "It's really not my day today," he said to me casually.

After a few minutes, our small crowd was still surrounding the prey when the Land Rover appeared. Mr. Ears told us that normally, we had to go back to the parking lot for travelers who could not walk up the hill. "He also serves as a tow truck for boats," he said. He tied a small thin rope to the tow bar and then chose a suitable place to attach it to the Telecom van. A whistle to the Land Rover produced a crawl. The rope is broken, of course. Mr. Ears scratched his head again. He clearly had to work hard today. A companion left to find a heavier rope, which was duly attached. The Land Rover grew up as the van driver managed a scream of his engine. There was a rustle in the back of his van and then it was free. There was a series of applause. A note was proposed and Mr. Ears took it, but clearly expressed his belief that it should be larger. "The things I have to do to make a living," he said as he passed us two, pulling and rewinding the rope that probably belonged to someone else. As British Telecom climbed the slope in second gear, we headed to the Old Hotel to pick up our luggage, leave and leave. Jenny and I shared a joke about Mr. Ears, referring to elbows and assholes.

Sandra was waiting for us. She had a canvas bag in her right hand and her son's hand in her left hand. He was really a very young fourteen. Clenched against her thumb, and pressed against her son's fist fingers, was a brown envelope, presumably the envelope that Hilary had handed her as we were leaving the bar. The envelope was torn and only one sheet of paper was detached. Jenny stayed with her while I paid the bill and took my bags.

"She wanted a lift in town," said Jenny when I came back. She had the bag. They accused her of taking money at the cashier. She goes. I glanced down the hill, but there was no one in sight … Mr Ears was still there, approaching, when we four, all strangers now, we were set out for the car.

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Best air purifier to get rid of smoke

You or someone from your family smokes, but you do not want the smoke to reach your children, your clothes or your furniture. An air purifier can solve this problem for you. These devices clean the air of smoke particles and leave the air fresh and clean. Your furniture will not yellow and noxious smoke will not damage your child's lungs.

All air purifiers are not identical, so choosing the best to get rid of smoke is very important. There are some key features to look for when selecting an air purifier to rid a room, house or office of smoke. You must consider the technologies used by the device, the quality of its parts and the efficiency with which it cleans.

The most effective air purifier to eliminate smoke will have a HEPA filter. These filters get rid of particles as small as 0.3 microns. They can easily filter smoke particles. A HEPA filter is a must, if it is not HEPA, it is not good enough.

The second thing you should look for is a carbon pre-filter. Carbon will get rid of car/">cigarette odors. Carbon fibers absorb the smell of smoke so that it is not absorbed by your clothes or furniture. The pre-filter will also extend the life of your HEPA filter and make it work efficiently.

The best air purifier to get rid of smoke will have a powerful fan. We want to get the smoke through the filters before they are located elsewhere. To do this we need a high speed fan that will collect all the smoke. To get a fan like this, you need to find an air purifier that is rated capable of cleaning a large room. Air purifiers that can clean the large room have big fans, and then can clean the air quickly.

Once you have chosen the air purifier, you must place correctly. It should be placed in a central area near the place where you smoke frequently. It must be in a central area so that it can produce a good flow of air throughout the room. Make sure you do not place the device near walls or away from where you usually smoke.

Do not buy an air purifier with an ionizer. Ionizers will do nothing to reduce the amount of smoke in the air, they are designed to zap the solid particles. What's worse than that is that they produce ozone gas that can be harmful if they are inhaled, it's pointless to get rid of car/">cigarette smoke, but it's Introduction of ozone gas. So stay away from ionizers.

When buying an air purifier, eliminate smoke by using a HEPA filter and a carbon pre-filter. Get one that has a powerful fan to circulate the air and place it in a central location near the place where you smoke. Do not buy one with an ionizer. Make sure you buy one that respects your budget and be happy because buying an air purifier is a great investment in your family's health.

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Discover how to purify your air with an indoor air purifier

There are so many things in this world that we may not like and we may not be able to change, but what we do in our own homes is really our own business. We may not like what we see in the streets, but once we are there, we can feel safe. An indoor air purifier can allow you to breathe easily in your home. There are all kinds of things that float in the air that we breathe and we can not even see most of them. The only time we are aware of the air we breathe, is when we experience difficulty breathing, either because of allergies, asthma or any other form of contamination. This article will explain how an indoor air purifier can help cleanse your home and create a safer environment for your family.

An indoor air purifier can take air and turn it into clean air. This can make a huge difference to your body as it will not affect the breathing process to unfold naturally. The lungs will not have to work harder and the airways will remain open to allow for the normal exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Whenever the air you breathe is contaminated, it affects normal breathing. The result for the body is usually a form of allergies, or it can become a more dangerous thing for life like asthma. An indoor air purifier can help eliminate such problems before they happen.

For someone who suffers from allergies, an indoor air purifier can be a life saver. There are many contaminants that cause allergies such as normal house dust and dust mites. These can be found throughout the house. Mites can be found on furniture, carpet and bedding. If you weighed your mattress the first time you brought it home and you weigh it later, you will find that it will weigh more because of the accumulation of mites. Scary thought huh. Normal household dust can be seen at the naked eye floating in the air or on the top of the coffee and end tables. An indoor air purifier can help reduce and virtually eliminate most of the dust in the home.

An indoor air purifier can also eliminate other contaminants that can cause respiratory problems such as pollen or tobacco smoke. You can not even be a smoker, but if you are around people who smoke, you can pick up the smell on your clothes or your hands or even in your hair. These unwanted particles will travel with you at home, but the use of an indoor air purifier can get rid of those odors. You can find an indoor air purifier in most home improvement stores or local construction supply store.

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Residential security with evacuation ladder and alarm

Probably an item that most of us do not think of, is the addition of a backup scale to our security plan. We never think that a fire will happen to us, but when a fire goes off with an emergency ladder, it may be the difference between getting out of the house or not.

It takes less than a minute for a house to be engulfed in flames and even with alarms and fire extinguishers it can get out of control quickly. Smoke is usually more of a problem than flames, so it's important to have a backup ladder to get out of the house.

Emergency ladders are cheap and can be purchased at most hardware stores. There are several different styles, including chain scale and echelon that are designed for multiple stories. You can also add a permanent ladder to the outside of your home or you can get foldable and even retractable backup ladders.

One can buy escape kits that include an escape ladder that extends to forty feet in length with a fume hood. Some of these kits contain chemical sticks and a horn for firefighters to know you are at home.

Most apartment buildings have a permanent emergency exit attached to the exterior of the building. If you live on an upper floor in any of these buildings, you will appreciate that these ladders are available in case of fire.

With an escape ladder, you will want to have a fire alarm system working properly. There are different types of alarms among those who can inform emergency personnel of those who are triggered by smoke, heat or manually triggered. Some even have lights that flash when the alarm goes off for hearing impaired people.

Do some research to find what is best for you. You can talk to your local fire department to see what they recommend and talk to the local hardware store or home center staff.

When you install a fire alarm system, you need to determine if you need a basic model. has more options. For twenty dollars, you can probably buy a basic model for your home. If you want one that also has a monitoring system, you will probably pay between one hundred and three hundred dollars.

If you plan to add a monitored system, you will have to consider the monthly fees that will apply. These fees are usually inexpensive and should cost between twenty and forty dollars a month. Some companies do not charge for equipment because they know that they will receive your monthly fees. However, the cost of installation with the monthly fee is a small price to pay when considering the damage that a fire can cause to your home and your property.

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Headache fumes? You need a breath of fresh air

Fumes are a way of life. They can also cause headaches. With the amount of air pollution nowadays – it is amazing that we do not all walk with a permanent headache!

Think for a moment about what we breathe in the air. On the outside, cars produce vapors. Plants spew vapors, soot, ashes and many chemicals. The garbage is burned – releasing vapors. The chemicals are sprayed on our crops. The asphalt is deployed – releasing fumes. Welding gives off vapors

Inside, the list is even longer.

Take a look at this list of common vapors we regularly breathe at home:

  • Tobacco Smoke
  • Fragrance
  • Baked Smoke
  • Insect Sprays
  • Maintenance Products
  • Paintings
  • Flowers
  • The Smell of 39 a new car
  • The smell of a new carpet


  • Turpentine
  • Diluents
  • Acetone (found in nail polish remover)

All of these fumes and odors can trigger headaches.

Why do the vapors give me a headache? It is the irritation caused by fumes that gives you problems. Vapors may contain irritants or toxins that irritate the delicate lining of the nose, throat and chest.

The blood vessels in the nose react to irritation by expanding and pressing the nerves, which gives you headache. Bad Smells May be Good for You

Unpleasant odors can be a warning signal that this substance is not going to do you any good. Think of rotten meat and sour milk.

The headache associated with fumes is also a warning sign. This is the way your body tells you that it does not like this stuff and get away from it as fast as possible.

The silent killer

Everyone has heard of carbon monoxide. This is particularly dangerous because you do not have any early warning system. It is clear, so there is no mist or smoke to warn you. It is odorless, so no odor to alert you

How can I find out if there is carbon monoxide in my house?

You may be one of the lucky ones who suffer from headaches. . Unfortunately, many people do not get this warning and become stunned and blackened. The most important thing you can do for yourself and your family is to get a carbon monoxide detector. Do it today.

OK – what should I do next?

If you have headaches in your home, which disappear when you are fresh, do these checks. It could save your life.

In addition to headaches, do you suffer from

  • Fatigue
  • Muscle Pain
  • A Disturbed Stomach
  • General Lethargy
  • Dizziness
  • Other Unexplained Illnesses

Check the flame on your devices. If it's an orange color, you have a problem. Unfortunately, blue does not mean that it's safe either. Have your devices checked every year.

Is your conduit blocked? If in doubt, have it checked.

Horizontal gas grills can pose a problem, especially if it is an older model. Again, have it checked

How's your ventilation? Check the air bricks and the flow vents. If there is not enough ventilation, your appliances will release carbon monoxide.

If you are a tenant, does your landlord have a security certificate and have it inspected annually? He has to do it – we are talking about your health and your life here. Insist that this be done.

Regardless of the source, you must remove it. Once you do, your headache – at least the one caused by the fumes – should disappear.

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