3 Most troublesome smells found at home

There is nothing worse than going home and ending up with a wall of odor that makes you wish you never left the office. The sense of smell is an often overlooked feeling, but it can have a profound impact on our mood and even our health if it is subjected to the worst odors. There are many smells that make us hold our noses or even leave a room, but there are some that are so common that it is worth noting them and fighting them off.

Fish – The fish is one of those smells that linger a long time the next day after an evening meal of haddock milk or herring cooked a Sunday afternoon. The smell can be a joy for some while eating, but once it's been hanging in the air for a long period of time can make some feel nauseous. The best way to avoid pestering the whole house is to not fry your fish, to grill it in the oven and to eat it outside on a sunny day, which limits the time of day. exposure.

– Some dogs smell. Whether they are the cutest puppy or the best trained border collie in the world, they can be smelly creatures. Roll in mud and run for hours, they can build a pretty aroma and once locked in the house all day can allow their scent to seep under the doors and into the nostrils. One way to combat this could be to use a plug in the deodorant. Ready to leave every few hours, can scare a puppy, but will keep their smell in check.

Smoke – This is a hard one. Smoking is very bad for you and even if you are a non-smoker, you may be affected by second-hand smoke. However, the smell left in a room after a party where many people have smoked can be very difficult to get rid of and can get your mom to give you that "look" when she comes to visit her. Smoke sinks in clothing and upholstery and can even discolor walls and photos if exposed for a long time. The best thing to do is to smoke outside for the benefit of everyone, but if you smoke inside, the best solution would be to open the windows, spray a deodorizer and use a cleaning spray on all your sofas and armchairs.

With this tip, we hope that returning home will be a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Never underestimate the power of smell!

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