7 Ways to Use Concentrated Scented Deodorants

You like good smells, but you can not find one. Would not you like to eliminate those stubborn odors once and for all and create the perfect mood to die?

Whether in your car, relaxing at home or in the office, difficult odors sometimes come out of nowhere. The food of a day in your car, the smell of cigar smoke or cigarettes of your husband or those office smells will not escape you. Do not hate yourself when you can not get a stinging smell.

The use of the perfect air freshener can help eliminate those bad smells for good. It can also give you a new identity and add positive energy all around you. You could even give a new identity to your car. Sit down, relax and feel as if you owned the road with the right fragrance. You may know someone whose car smells good all the time. Would not you like it to be you?

There are many ways to try to get the most out of your deodorant.

Spray the scent of the bottle for a pleasant long-lasting aroma.

If the smell does not last a few days, change the brand. You will finally realize that you can spend less today but will spend more in the end by buying these cheap and watered up air fresheners.

2. Add deodorant to your cleaning solution on your tile or linoleum floor covering for strong odors in your kitchen or bathroom.

Buy a good concentrated liquid air freshener. For each water in three parts, add a perfume in one part.

3. Spray the deodorant on cotton balls and put the cotton balls in the vents of your air conditioner.

It works very well during the holidays. Keeps you in the holiday mood.

4. Pour the perfume air freshener into your favorite potpourri pot.

Be sure to use a 100% concentrated air freshener if you are trying to burn it. This process makes the smell of your home perfect for the days to come. What's more invigorating than going home after a hard day's work and soothing your mood while restoring your soul with an atmosphere to die for. This makes the hard day worth it. Be careful if you have allergies.

5. Refresh the perfume sachet in your lingerie drawer by pressing it with your favorite deodorant.

Give a little spice to your decor. Men, there is hope for these "whites" after all.

6. Add water, if the deodorant is concentrated, to create a mist for those sweet smells and spray when and where needed.

It works best for those who are not so difficult smells.

7. Mix the concentrated perfume with your steam cleaning vacuum cleaner for stubborn, harassing odors such as pet, smoke and other chronic odors.

I am sure you can probably identify with the frustration that you may have experienced when your pet has urinated or is defeated on your carpet. You probably thought that you would never get the smell. In addition, when your husband walked around the house with his cigar and smell lasted days. I've found that most people who smoke do not like the smell of smoke because the smell gets into their clothes, their hair and so on. and lasts for days. Simply pour 3 part water into your vacuum and carpet, your home, etc. will smell fresh and clean for several days.

Go ahead and have fun doing experiments. Create the perfect atmosphere for you. After all, life is full of smells. It's up to YOU ​​to decide how to handle them.


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