8 reasons why biodiesel is a viable alternative fuel

The diesel engine has existed since 1895, its inventor Rudolf Diesel had always planned to dispose of vegetable oils. In fact, the first diesel engine was running with peanut oil as fuel. Over time, it has earned a reputation for being a form of polluting and smelly power, but recent increases in the price of oil, and the realization that fossil fuels will eventually deplete it, not to mention the damage that burn them for our planet, in a renewed interest in fuel made from vegetable oils or biodiesel. Is biodiesel a viable alternative fuel? I think so, and I hope the following 8 distinct benefits will convince you too.

1. Renewable Source :

The oil used to make biodiesel comes from a renewable source and will never deplete it.

2. Less CO2 :

Biodiesel in combustion produces 80% less CO2 than ordinary diesel.

3. Less Harmful Emissions :

It produces no harmful by-products when it burns. There are no vapors of sulfur dioxide.

4. Smells better :

When you fill your tank, or drive, there are no horrible odors like those associated with traditional diesel. In fact, people have described the fumes of a biofuel vehicle as smelling fries or donuts.

5. Burns cleaner:

We can say goodbye to clouds of dirty black smoke, because this biofuel burns cleanly under all conditions.

6. Safer:

Biodiesel has a flash point of 300 degrees centigrade relative to the flash point of fossil fuel diesel of 150 degrees centigrade. There is therefore a significant reduction in the risk of fire.

7. Protects the engine:

It has a natural lubricating action on the engine, and thus induces less wear. Also because it burns clean, it produces less carbon and no sulfur. So your engine accumulates less dirty deposits too.

8. This is a direct replacement for ordinary diesel:

Most diesel cars can use the bio equivalent with little or no modification. So, after checking with your engine manufacturer, you can probably switch to biofuel today! Many ordinary diesel products can already contain up to 20% of organic fuel anyway.

For these reasons, I hope to have shown that biodiesel is a viable alternative fuel to replace ordinary diesel. Using it in your vehicle could save you money and you will also help protect the environment.

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