Best air purifier to get rid of smoke

You or someone from your family smokes, but you do not want the smoke to reach your children, your clothes or your furniture. An air purifier can solve this problem for you. These devices clean the air of smoke particles and leave the air fresh and clean. Your furniture will not yellow and noxious smoke will not damage your child's lungs.

All air purifiers are not identical, so choosing the best to get rid of smoke is very important. There are some key features to look for when selecting an air purifier to rid a room, house or office of smoke. You must consider the technologies used by the device, the quality of its parts and the efficiency with which it cleans.

The most effective air purifier to eliminate smoke will have a HEPA filter. These filters get rid of particles as small as 0.3 microns. They can easily filter smoke particles. A HEPA filter is a must, if it is not HEPA, it is not good enough.

The second thing you should look for is a carbon pre-filter. Carbon will get rid of car/">cigarette odors. Carbon fibers absorb the smell of smoke so that it is not absorbed by your clothes or furniture. The pre-filter will also extend the life of your HEPA filter and make it work efficiently.

The best air purifier to get rid of smoke will have a powerful fan. We want to get the smoke through the filters before they are located elsewhere. To do this we need a high speed fan that will collect all the smoke. To get a fan like this, you need to find an air purifier that is rated capable of cleaning a large room. Air purifiers that can clean the large room have big fans, and then can clean the air quickly.

Once you have chosen the air purifier, you must place correctly. It should be placed in a central area near the place where you smoke frequently. It must be in a central area so that it can produce a good flow of air throughout the room. Make sure you do not place the device near walls or away from where you usually smoke.

Do not buy an air purifier with an ionizer. Ionizers will do nothing to reduce the amount of smoke in the air, they are designed to zap the solid particles. What's worse than that is that they produce ozone gas that can be harmful if they are inhaled, it's pointless to get rid of car/">cigarette smoke, but it's Introduction of ozone gas. So stay away from ionizers.

When buying an air purifier, eliminate smoke by using a HEPA filter and a carbon pre-filter. Get one that has a powerful fan to circulate the air and place it in a central location near the place where you smoke. Do not buy one with an ionizer. Make sure you buy one that respects your budget and be happy because buying an air purifier is a great investment in your family's health.

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