Can you build a homemade wooden smoker?

Contrary to popular belief, you can build a wooden smoker and in fact many are still built like this today. To be honest, a lot depends on the size of the smoker you build, if for example you are trying to build a wooden shoe box smoker where everything is so compact that the chances are that the thing will go up in

Let's start all right away, my first drawing was much bigger than a shoebox, probably described as a wardrobe and even smoke, while it's true that you can build a wooden smoker out there [19659002] Two things really determine whether wood is an appropriate building material for a smoker:

  1. What is the size of your building? You Smoke at

The size issue is quite easy to solve, it is that your craft smoker should be big enough so that the source of heat and smoke is fully enclosed fireproof materials and isolated at ground level. As long as you take these steps, then you can really build a smoker from something that looks like nothing other than a garden shed.

In Africa, for example, you will always see smoking in daily life in the coastal villages where the daily food is fish. Under the African sun, fresh fish will only keep, for a few hours without refrigeration, the only way to keep the fish for the market or for the days when the villages do not catch anything, that is to say to smoke

. to be a shelter with a wooden thatched roof and inside a bare wood fire – how fireproof is this? It suffices to show that provided the hut is big enough and the fire is isolated (it rests on sand), the wood is perfectly acceptable.

African fishermen bring me to the following point: The temperature of smoking is high. Generally, when smoking fish, it is cold-smoked or hot-smoked, which can reach a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. It is somehow from the highest 110 or 120 that we would encounter while smoking hot in the US.

Certainly at these temperatures, the wood, if in a confined environment (and it would have to be so to reach this temperature)

My own solution to make a small wooden smoker was to cover all inside fireproof boards and to leave an insulation space of 25 mm between the panel and the wood. By doing this, I managed to give all the aesthetics of a traditional wood smoker with the practicality and durability of an American smoker.

Also, I did it for a fraction of the price I would have had to pay for a smoker if I had bought it in the stores.

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