Catch your deceitful husband using clothes and hair

Your husband's clothes can be a fantastic source of information that will tell you his deceptions. Do not underestimate the power of your nose by helping you find evidence about his work as a philanthropist.

Before you begin, you must familiarize yourself with the smell of your husband and his clothes. It means smelling clothes before and after wearing them. You must also learn the smell of his cologne and deodorant. If you are able to recognize all these odors in an instant, it will be easier for you to detect those strange smells that will become your proofs.

The most common type of odd odor that you will find in your husband's clothes will be the perfume or soap and detergent. However, he will also want to take note of other smells like car/">cigarette smoke, pets and food. These smells can end up on your husband's clothes from a very innocent situation, but if you can smell them on his underwear then you know that it's been somewhere that he should not. And yes, that means you will have to smell your dirty underwear!

If you happen to find hair on your husband's clothes that certainly do not belong to you, then you hit the dirt. You will find hair almost everywhere your husband has been, that means you have to look wherever your husband is going. The best places to look for hair are; the bottom of your husband's socks, the head rests on his car, the hairbrushes, your sheets, and in the dryer. The great thing about hair is that you do not need to be a forensic doctor to notice the difference between yours and that of someone else. . All you really need is a magnifying glass and a little patience, you have to look at the color and length of the hair, as well as the texture and the ends.

If that is possible, you should try to keep each hair in a separate container or envelope. In this way, you can use them as proof when you finally decide to confront your deceitful husband.

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