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When asthma, allergies, pneumonia continue to recur every winter, should this be?

It is winter and parents start to worry when the first asthma attack occurs and you hear the wheezing at night that keeps your child awake. Back in the recesses of your mind, you wonder, should it be? No, but what are you doing about it? Asthma, allergies and other respiratory diseases can occur and be caused by exposure to mold. Not recently this scenario has occurred. I went to see a friend. She was giving nebulizer treatment to her daughter because she was whistling at night. My friend had a "Flovent" preventive inhaler sitting on the counter to keep his asthma in check. Every winter this family has the same respiratory problems: asthma, colds, flu and pneumonia with the last serious condition. Doctors treat asthma, pneumonia, but not much is done to prevent problems in the first place. There is something wrong with the house and the air in it.

Two years ago, the finished basement of this same friend flooded after a heavy rain of 5 days. The basement was lined with furniture and toy boxes. There are several rooms that are used for storage and are kept closed; a musty smell was apparent when the door was opened. Some things have been thrown away; other prized ones should be trained, but porous possessions have been preserved. The favorite stuffed animal had to go there but it was kept. All that is porous and wet must be thrown away. The basement has never been fully cleaned; but the floors and the flooded part of the basement were. When it says "fully cleaned," it means that all surfaces are wiped with a mild detergent, a HEPA vacuum used on all surfaces and a dehumidifier for basement operation. A dehumidifier was installed, which was a step in the right direction. Another thing to consider, how does the water come in? What type of mold is still in the basement could only be found by tests by a reputed laboratory. This house is one of more than half of the homes and buildings that have water infiltrations and molds according to the (NIOSH)

The correlation between asthma, allergies and other respiratory infections with mold has been established. Many asthmatic patients respond to molds. Mold is not easy to test for allergists. To discover the existence of an allergy to mold, it is often necessary to subject a patient to several doses of mold before a reaction occurs. However, while some patients have an allergy to mold, they respond to allergy shots. Not everyone has mold allergies, but may have a genetic defect that prevents the body from cleaning up neurotoxins when it is exposed to mold that can affect every system in the body according to Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker. This condition is a "biotoxic reaction to mold". This reaction causes asthma, restrictive airway disease and other respiratory conditions among a host of conditions. Common sense can prevail. If you get sick in a damp building, you react to mold. Asthma can continue to worsen when it is constantly exposed to offending agents like mold. Many parents keep their homes very hot, which is also an offending factor in asthmatic lungs: hot, dry air.

Asthma can also be triggered by strong odors like a scented laundry detergent or air fresheners. The whole house must have fresh air and no chemicals. Parents must be those who realize that the lungs of asthmatics are very sensitive. Asthmatics must have an air purifier of mussels running constantly in their room and across the house. There are many benefits to using mold air purifiers including mold, bacteria, germs and viruses and eliminating chemicals from the air. Use a HEPA vacuum to properly clean the surfaces of contaminants and not to release contaminants into the air as ordinary vacuum cleaners do

People need to start thinking about the indoor air quality of my House? Some simple things to do to help with mold, indoor air pollution and organic contaminants:

  1. Let the sun shine as often as you can. Mold likes black and does not grow in the sun.
  2. Leave the bathroom door open after the shower. If possible, break the window
  3. Do not close any doors in the basement, as this creates an area where mold can grow
  4. Place air purifiers throughout the house and have them run all over the place l & # 39; year.
  5. Dehumidify basement with dehumidifier for basement.
  6. Buy a hepa vacuum cleaner;
  7. Instead of air fresheners that add to indoor air pollution and trigger asthma attacks, buy a small air purifier for the bathroom. bath and clean the air
  8. As the carpet contains more than 120 chemicals (including formaldehyde), plant and go with hardwood floors. The underlay for carpet wears and disintegrates dirt and mold spores.
  9. Buy as few cleaning chemicals as possible.
  10. Whether harsh chemicals, paints, hobby products, sealants, etc. are applied, open the window.
  11. Wear more clothes in winter and keep them cool
  12. Make sure you have your heating system serviced and the ducts cleaned. Heating systems can blow mold everywhere.
  13. Spray the shower with straight vinegar. It will smell a little but kill the mold.
  14. Be minimalist. Throw or give things that are not needed. The less you have, the less chemicals there are in the air.
  15. Make sure that the humidity level in each room is less than 50%, releasing chemicals when the humidity increases.
  16. Do not smoke around children. until the car. Do not smoke in the house. Smoking is certainly correlated with respiratory illnesses, including second-hand smoke among developing youth. lungs. Change your thinking and: Live healthy … Be happy!

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How to get rid of mites in a simple and effective way

While moths seem harmless, there are actually some diseases caused by these critters. Like flies and mosquitoes, they tend to visit very dirty places such as sewers, gutters and moldy walls. They transfer bacteria, germs, viruses and other microorganisms that they carry from these places into your food or on the walls of your home. These microorganisms can trigger a number of diseases.

There are also cases where mites and their caterpillars cause diseases of the skin. These creatures actually have very small spurs on their legs, especially on larger butterflies. If the butterfly lands on any part of your skin, some spurs in their legs will remain on your pores. This could sting or lead to a case of dermatitis.

Some species of mites are also able to bite your skin like ants. If you hate ants and use the ant killer, you should also consider ways to get rid of mites. Some mites are very similar to fleas, in that some types of mites can even feed on human blood.

Spurs in the legs of mites can also cause allergic reactions. They can trigger excessive production of histamine that could cause breathing difficulties, enlargement of the tongue or tonsils, swelling of the skin and lips and even blisters. An eye infection caused by hair or spurs can also be felt when it comes into contact with the eyes.

If you make extra effort in buying anti-killer, you should also consider getting a good mothproof. The most common mothproof used by many is mothballs. They come in packets. However, few people like the pungent smell of these mothballs. They certainly do not want to use them to keep moths away from their clothes. Although it does a good job of keeping moths away from clothes, it also tends to make cabinet and clothes unpleasant.

To learn how to get rid of mites, you should consult the professionals. If you already have an infestation in the attic or in the bedroom, the experts should let the mites come back.

The problem is that the treatments really depend on what they eat and how big they are. the areas are. For example, if you get rid of fleas, you must go beyond the infected animal. Some of the most common treatments for infestations are fumigation, the use of smoke generators and the use of insecticides.

There is also the problem of eggs. While adult mites can be easily killed with the use of insecticides, eggs are more resistant. They need special insecticides that will be placed in areas where adult mites have laid their eggs. After the initial infestation has been treated, you can proceed to the task of finding good quality mothproof moths that you can stick to prevent future infestations.

Just like when you get rid of fleas or buy ants, learning how to get rid of mites can take a lot of initial work. You must first inspect signs of infestation and determine which species of moth has attacked your home. In this way, you can really find good quality treatments that will do their job.

Just like when you get rid of fleas, make sure you also look for high quality pest control products. Although there are many products and insecticides on the market, they will not all work really for you.

One of the most favorite solutions for getting rid of mites is the moth trap. They look like your ordinary fly trap. They are mainly used to get rid of pantry moths. To make moth traps more effective, you can buy pheromone squares that actively attract moths. So, if you have an infestation in your pantry, this should be an ideal solution.

We can not do anything to completely stop the existence of pests. There are many ways to control them by using ant pesticides or natural pest killers. Getting rid of fleas mites and ants can be easier if you know exactly what you are dealing with. Especially with mites, you need to know what is the species with which you are dealing, so you have a better idea on how to get rid of mites.

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Washable or traditional costumes

The problem with many suits is that you have to pay to have them dry cleaned. There is no way around this unless you want to walk around with a dirty or smelly suit – which, of course, defeats the purpose of wearing a suit in the first place, which is d & # 39; To look smart. If you wear a clean and dry suit at a wedding or party, for example, it is inevitably permeated with smoke and perhaps a slight sensation of alcohol. These smells require more than a "good aeration" to get rid of. An alternative to the problems posed by clean and dry suits is to buy one of the washable combinations on the market.

Many people try to avoid buying one of the many washable suits that are available because they think these products are not so good. like the traditional costume, both in terms of style and in terms of the "look" of the suit. In reality, however, advances in the production of some fabrics mean that washable suits can often appear to be in the same league as the clean suits.

In business and leisure, good looking is important, and no one wants to cut corners when it comes to buying a suit. But some additions to fabrics (such as Trevira) mean that machine washable overalls can achieve much the same appearance as the end-of-market suits. What makes a costume really beautiful is its design – even if you do not use the finest and most traditional fabrics – like wool and wool blend – your combination can always be beautiful if she has a modern style. lines and cut. There are a large number of companies specializing in this type of washable combination, and the Internet provides the perfect way to locate them.

Beauty, as mentioned earlier, is the ability to avoid expensive dry cleaning fees, which make many of us less willing to participate in social events – or perhaps reluctant to go for such events in a clean and smelly costume! Modern advances in tissue composition mean that we no longer have to endure dry cleaning bills – and indeed the effort of going to the dry cleaner in the first place. The washable suits mean that we can simply wash the costume at home with a minimum of fuss.

Washable suits are often in the same price category as traditional wash suits, especially if they have a similar design ethic. preference – although both remain popular.

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Reformed smokers – A real pain in the ass!

There is no worse anti-smoking than a reformed smoker! They have greater pain in the buttocks with their pharisaic attitude than those who have never smoked. They seem to have forgotten the day they were also addicted to nicotine drugs and also got a twisted pleasure from their addiction to it. Do not they remember all those times when they started picking up their friends and family members who do not smoke and asking if it was okay to smoke in their car, their house, their place work, etc.? Yet the moment they leave, is; 'Get away from me with this dirty and disgusting car/">cigarette' or # Can not you blow your smoke elsewhere? and other moralistic remarks!

It was not so long ago I was walking through the narrow streets of central London with a reformed smoker. It was early in the morning and there were a lot of trucks and vans that unloaded their goods, which inflated the exhaust gases in our path. Yet, when I dared to light a car/">cigarette, my friend protested and asked me to walk behind her as the smoke of my tiny fuming Marlborough irritated her throat! Honestly, reformed smokers are a pain in the buttocks. But keep reading, because the hypocrisy is staggering!

Later that day, she jumped into her Dodge Durango 4.7 V8 4WD and went to pick up the kids from the school, which is half a kilometer from her home. This engine is probably one of the most polluting cars today, although it dares to complain about the tiny cloud of smoke emitted outside by a single car/">cigarette. Yet, she drives all the pollutants out of her four-wheel drive gasoline.

Smokers reformed – a worst enemy smoker

Look, some of us smoke because we want to. The others are smoking because they feel that they have to do it. Many smokers simply smoke because they really benefit despite the consequences. As long as it is legal and we respect the laws of the land, and we only light up in the designated areas, then the anti-smoking squad should continue! One would think that those who have never "smoked" would be the most opposed. In reality, they are the most understanding and tolerant. It's holier than reformed smokers who are the worst enemies of a smoker.

Can you believe that two people I've been smoking with since I stopped, make rude and derogatory remarks every time they see me or see someone? Other smoking outside the office. I mean, these people were part of our smoking clan to cry aloud, and now they are anti tobacco anyway.

They actually have the audacity to whisper sarcastically audible remarks while passing us smokers. It is not uncommon to hear them utter such things as: "look at those people who use the streets and doors as their personal ashtrays." If I see them throwing their butts off the floor or flipping through their Butts in the streets, I'm Honestly, did they forget when they were smoking smokers, distinguishing themselves with the rest of us by enjoying their nicotine problem? Talk about the pot that calls the black kettle!

Reformed smokers seem to think that they have a duty to educate the world about the dangers of smoking, but their approach does little to entice people to sit down and listen. Their method seems to be to put the smoker on every occasion to try to make them feel like a kind of underclass or marginal social. According to them, we are disguised, we are selfish, we feel bad, we are disordered, we are at risk of fire, and just to put the ice on the anti-smoking cake, we are a danger to health and the well-being of those around us

Enough, that's enough!

At all you do, Goody reformed smokes there, here is a Newsflash for you: smoking is legal. We are no longer allowed to smoke inside the workplace. The same goes for restaurants, cinemas and cafes. We all cuddle together in smoking areas and respect all areas designated as non-smoking areas. Our car/">cigarette smoke spits out less pollutants in the atmosphere than your gasoline cars. So, let us smoke a favor and end our business and let us take care of yours!

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Ozone Generator Buying Guide

If you are a homeowner and your home has recently suffered water damage, smoke damage, mildew infestation or the horrible smell of an expired rodent's death in a crawl space, then you have probably read the generator could just be the answer to your problems. However, with so many different types of ozone machines on the market, how to decipher facts, fictions and pure and pure BS? I have some tips that will help you avoid getting ripped off and help you make a wise decision to buy an ozone generator.

The first thing you need to understand is that the ozone generator industry is not regulated by a government agency. . More than half of the so-called ozone generator manufacturers are nothing more than Internet opportunists who are trying to profit from a high-priced, somewhat-priced product. required. These unscrupulous sellers manufacture their over-expensive ozone machines in their own garages, establish a website that makes all sorts of outrageous claims about the production capabilities of their ozone machines, and then advertise their website in the engines of research. One sure way to eliminate some of these sellers is to do a Google search of their business address, then use the "Street View" function by dragging the "little man" icon into the street right in front of their door. business address. . If you see a house, you may want to avoid this provider. Why? It's easy to close your operations when doing business at home. When you invest in a business, it shows that you are there for the long term and that it is harder to get out of a "junk" place than a family business. Why should you worry that the seller is in business for the long term? Because ozone generators are likely to fail due to the highly corrosive nature of ozone and the damaging effects on the metal components of switches, timers, relays, and so on. The same goes for eBay sellers who buy a lot of ozone without investing spare parts. When their supply is exhausted, they are no longer in the ozone sector and you still have an expensive door stop when your machine breaks down on time.

Once you find an ozone machine that you like, you are ready to invest your hard earned money, the next question to ask yourself is: "How do I know if this machine is really emitting so much? Ozone Manufacturer Claims It Ozone Generators Manufacturers do not have to validate the ozone machines that they sell.I have seen sellers claim 16,000 to 20,000 milligrams per hour, but when we tested these machines in our store with our ozonizer, they produced 3000-5000 mg / h, big difference between what is actually produced and what is claimed How can you make sure that the generator Ozone you are buying is producing the amount of ozone advertised? Simple! Ask the seller the following questions in an email (future forage for a 100% refund if you test the machine and find that the information provided was incorrect (19659002) QUESTION # 1. How many volts is the power supply! An ozone generator creates ozone by creating an electric spark that separates oxygen into the air. To accomplish this feat, you must create a high voltage electric spark. A simple rule that I have observed in the laboratory and well recognized in the ozone industry is that a transformer of 3000 volts can produce about 3000 mg / h of ozone by time when it is attached to a high voltage ozone element or to six or more MICA plates at 40% humidity or less. Each Mica plate can produce a maximum of about 400 milligrams of ozone per hour IF it is properly installed due to the low electrical spark that it is capable of generating from wire mesh. If you own a MICA plate ozone generator, observe the plate in the dark. It will not shine very brightly, very weakly actually. The types of ozone plates that become dark purple in the dark are called "high voltage ozone elements" and they can produce about 3000-4000 mgh per plate when they are powered. with a power transformer 3000-4000 volts. These types of plates shine purple, almost like a UV lamp, in the dark. They create a very strong electric spark that is much more efficient at producing ozone compared to older MICA plates. In fact, a 4000 volt transformer and an element of ozone consumes only about 35 watts of electricity, now it is effective! Therefore, Tip # 1 is to ask the supplier to email you the exact voltage, amperes and watts used by their power transformers and the number and type of ozone plates used by their machines. . For example, if a salesman claims that his machine produces 16 to 20,000 milligrams of ozone per hour, but his machine only uses one 5,000 volt transformer, then things are not safe. 39, will not add.

QUESTION # 2. What kind of ozone element does the ozone machine use? Believe it or not, some vendors will try to convince you that the elements of ozone in their machines are "permanent" and will last forever. Friends, there is no permanent ozone plate! If used in 90-100% of humidity, even expensive high voltage ozone plates will only last 20-40 hours. Ozone generators are not made to be used in 90% more moisture! In humid areas, you must operate the air conditioning or dehumidifier in order to perform shock treatment. Tip # 2 is so think twice before buying an ozone generator from a supplier that does not offer replacement ozone plates or makes a machine that uses "MICA" plates.

Once you have these answers in writing, save the email in case you need to use it to get a refund in the future. When you receive your ozone generator, ask a local electrician friend of the family (or hire someone) to open your ozone generator and give it one time and test the force (in volts) of the power transformer. If you find that the indicated voltage does not match the advertised voltage, request a refund. After all, what you buy when you buy an ozone generator are high voltage power transformers, not a smooth sales pitch! Honest sellers will clearly indicate the specifications of their machines on their websites and by e-mail if requested. They will also provide you with a picture of the inside of their units and will disclose the amount of plates, the type used and so on. You should be tired of sellers who hold this information near the jacket or refuse to go on the record with this

Now you know what questions to ask an ozone machine vendor before making a purchase. I want to close this "Ozone Generator Buying Guide" by giving you some tips on how to save money on your purchase :

Tip # 1. Ask the seller if he is selling used units or "boneless" ozone generators. Many ozone generator vendors will have at their disposal spare parts for returned or fixed units that they will be able to sell "at a low price" for a paltry sum of the retail price. Others might be able to sell you a "bone-free ozone generator" without the bells and whistles that you can easily use to make your own ozone generator, especially if you're the one type "do it yourself". You can also check eBay to see if anyone sells high voltage power transformers in the range of 3000-12 000 volts or high voltage ozone items that can be easily attached to the power transformer. Some ozone suppliers want $ 1,000 or more for their ozone generators, however, the fact is that ozone machines are fairly basic electronic components and they should not cost as much as 39 a used car, especially if you buy the main components. Do it yourself. "

Tip # 2. Do not buy an ozone generator with too many" bells and whistles ". As I have already mentioned, ozone is very corrosive over time for all metals except stainless steel.Unfortunately, all electronic switches, relays, etc. must use ordinary metal to be able to produce electricity.What we have so is a dilemma The solution? Do not buy an ozone generator with all the bells and whistles! This includes an internal timer, ozone output dial (to raise and lower the ozone ), etc. Just realize that if you buy an ozone generator with these parts, the ozone will destroy those parts and all it takes to stop an ozone generator is to have one of the electrical components fail.If you want a timer, buy an external timer for $ 5 at Lowe & If you want to be able to raise and lower the ozone output, purchase a "repeating timer" that can turn on your ozone generator for a few seconds x times and repeat this cycle indefinitely. These two elements can be connected via an extension in another room to your ozone generator. Less is more when it comes to longevity in the shock treatment ozone generators.

Tip # 3. Do not do too much when you perform shock treatments! There is a reason why trained professionals who administer ozone shock treatments command thousands of dollars to perform shock treatments; they know what they're doing and how to perform shock treatment safely and effectively without letting your house smell the ozone for weeks after the shock treatment! In addition to being an ozone generator manufacturer, I also run a restoration company that uses ozone in some of our work. For the elimination of mold, ozone plays only a minor role in the manufacture of toxic mold for example. The rock sheets must be disassembled and replaced, CFM's very high-temperature air purifiers ensure that the mold, when disturbed, is not redistributed throughout the structure . Moist wood should be dried. Yes, the shock levels of ozone will kill the mold, but that 's only a small part of the mold' s removal, regardless of what some sellers do. Ozone could announce to help their units.

error I find that homeowners are doing shock treatment that does not properly remove all petroleum based products such as carpet foam, sofa cushions, etc. We use Kevlar to cover carpets and mattresses, etc. will prevent the foam from interacting with ozone. The ozone will oxidize the foam and rubber and cause a chemical ozone smell that can persist for weeks. So, Tip # 3 is not to do it with an ozone shock treatment! Shock treatments of one or two hours in houses filled with furniture is advisable. You may need to perform many of these shock treatments, but prevention is better than cure by shocking a house full of furniture. Some suppliers tell their customers to simply turn on the ozone generator and let it run for a few days. I strongly discourage this practice.

Tip # 4. When you're ready to buy, call the seller and order over the phone. Chances are your ozone generator will need a service at some point. I do not know about you but I hate to buy something online, break it down, then not be able to talk with a live person for support without having to wait 30 minutes or even worse, not being able to Talk to a live person at all so do not have my emails answered! You can smother this type of situation in the egg by calling first. If you can not switch easily and get a live, knowledgeable person to answer the phone to place your order, then consider buying elsewhere. This advice allows you to make a major purchase of tickets on the Internet.

If you want to save money and make a wise investment, ask the right questions before buying your ozone generator and consider incorporating some of my suggestions as well as. The more you shop around, the more time you spend doing research on the Internet and, more importantly, the more time you spend sending emails and speaking directly with the provider, the more likely you are to make a wise investment and you find great ozone machine that lasts you all your life.

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Spell Lays through Shamanic Rituals

This article will tell you about a ritual that can help and feel like a curse has been taken away from you.

This ritual will help eliminate negative energies and make room for a more positive healthy energy that
will help create more harmony and success in your life.

Best of all, although you can contact me to come and do this for you, you can probably
do it for yourself just by reading it a few times.

* If you have health and breathing problems like asthma, etc.
skip the burning / smoke part of the ritual and
simply focus more attention on this glade by using your favorite color flooding the room, etc. *

You will probably want to wear comfortable clothes and do it alone to be able to
play music and / or sing while doing this ritual. You can do the ritual silently, but I find that the more meaningful I use, the more powerful this clarification becomes. These days, I use a shaman rattle and a special rhythm designed to create the correct effect and trance state that makes it even more powerful.

The more I do this ritual, the more I feel that I'm coming out in terms of feeling that a "curse" has been lifted. People often find it interesting to watch, while others simply want beneficial effects.

For example, my wife, Maggie recently spoke of a feeling of "curse" and wanted her to be up so one night while she was at the gym I did a more elaborate version of what you learn and
the curse was soon gone!

In future articles, I will discuss in more detail how you can protect yourself from certain negative people
and how to better prepare yourself. This article will cover more about how to clean a room, an office, a house or an apartment so that it feels and feels more pleasant and inviting and in harmony.

This is a more simplified version of a more advanced ritual that I have written and shared with people. They told me that they really liked it, but they thought it was a bit too complicated and complex. So here you have a more simplified version that will serve you more easily in our modern times.

1. Wear comfortable clothing and, if possible, open at least one window to let smoke escape and take away negative energy with it.

2. Do this ritual alone or with someone who will support you. (Negative people or someone who does not believe or do not make fun of you will not help you and can cause more curse)

* 3. Carefully burn sage or incense that you like to smell and smell. curse. Keep abreast of fire and smoke alarms and always respect the fire, smoke and take safety precautions.

(I use a non-flammable dish and seashells from an ocean beach where I had good experiences.

4. Leave some of this smoke to you. bathe, purify and remove any "curse", etc. [19659002] 5. Walk from room to room and especially at the corners of the rooms and sing, sing or
say what you want (I often use whatever thing that I invented "The negative energy goes, and the positive energy flows …"

6. Continue in each room until you feel a change and that the energy of the room be better
or that it be more fragrant.

7. Pay close attention to any room or area of ​​your home or apartment or office where something s & d.
Remember events and evoke some of the emotions and
as you eliminate them from the smoke that you can say:

"Thanks for the lessons and now it's time for you to leave
and leave now, you're welcome here and I make room for more positive energies and lessons. . "

8. Close the ritual when incense has burned or you feel like you're done and you're clearer or you feel better in your life or work in this. Thank you, your superior self, or anybody who helped you give you some advice about it.

Also, realize that you do not have need to worry about details and ingredients, because your intention is the most important thing involved here.You want to raise a "curse" or remove negative energy.

As a hypnotist Professional, it is simply a more spiritual and esoteric version of how to get rid of a bad habit or a negative speech and turn it into something more useful and beneficial to you.

Once, I was called to do this kind of ritual Shamanic and I had forgotten some of the classic ingredients and a wardrobe and one of my teachers had always said that the intention was the most vital ingredient.

So I had my gym bag with me and I changed to Black Karate Gi with my old jagged black belt and took incense I had there – to help my sports equipment feel better.

I burned incense while wearing this outfit and it had the effect of a ritual because of
intent and since wearing this uniform also seemed to be attached to a kind of highly focused energy
on my part. so many years of martial arts training, this probably helped things.
My clients were very satisfied with the results.

That's it, you have it. Simple steps and directions to help you get rid of unwanted negative energy, to clean a room where something bad has occurred, or to feel like a "curse" has been removed from you so that you feel better for health and success in your life.

A client used it and got a much desired and deserved increase at work. Before the ritual, he had felt like there was something in his way to this higher salary. A few days after doing this ritual, he had his raise. What will your results be?

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Making home fire insurance claims

Are you ready if the worst should happen?

The recent fire of the home of broadcaster Sir Terry Wogan in Buckinghamshire highlights the risks we all face in the event of a fire in our home. Even when all precautions are taken to avoid such a disaster, house fires can always be unavoidable. Will your insurance cover you if your house and belongings are destroyed by fire? Making a home fire insurance claim may not be as simple as expected.

The house fire of Sir Terry Wogan was caused by a faulty dryer in a laundry room. Fortunately, there were smoke alarms throughout the building, alerting the residents of the fire very quickly. All the interior doors of the house were closed, which prevented the fire from spreading to other parts of the house. It still took two firefighters in a respirator two hours to contain the fire. Sir Terry praised firefighters on his radio show

Claiming Home Fire Insurance

Although the damage to Sir Terry's house could have been much worse if the fire prevention measures had not been so good. will always be a claim to make on the house and content assurance. It is likely that the contents of the house were heavily damaged by the smoke and, of course, the dryer and possibly some other equipment in the laundry room were damaged.

a house fire, would you be able to make an insurance claim? Fire does not only cause damage to property and replaceable possessions. A serious house fire could destroy personal belongings that can not be replaced. What price can you put on these items? Whatever value you give them, your insurance company may not agree.

Getting the Right Settlement in Your Fire Insurance Application

Your insurance company is making profits, and they are not doing this by giving vast sums of money. money to their applicants. Insurance companies employ experts, called insurance adjusters, to review the details of insurance claims and ensure that the insurance company pays as little as possible. An insurance loss assessor will visit the property, take photos and take notes on the damage caused by the fire, and present a report to the insurance company suggesting the lowest possible settlement to cover the damages. damage caused by fire.

that this amount does not adequately cover the loss you suffered in a house fire. Unfortunately, most people who make insurance claims are not experts and do not have the time, knowledge, or experience to file a good case. An insurance adjuster works in the same way as an insurance expert, compiling detailed evidence of damage caused by the fire and evaluating what the insurance settlement should be. The difference is that loss assessors work for the applicant, not for the insurance company. A loss assessor will make a fair and honest assessment of the damage and presents the strongest case for you when you make your insurance claim for a house fire. The cost of using such an insurance expert is more than covered by the final settlement they are able to get you.

How to Make a Successful Fire Insurance Claim

The most important thing to do, as soon as the fire has been taken care of, is to contact a loss appraiser. Insurance as quickly as possible. The sooner they can visit your home and assess the damage, the better they have the chance to get you a fair and proper settlement of your insurance company.

Of course, before all this you should take all steps to avoid the risk of fire in your home. But if the worst happens, be sure to use an insurance loss appraiser to avoid a disappointing payment from your insurance company.

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The tavern box

Recently, my sister and I remembered our party-goers when we were younger – when we stayed outside until 5 am and we hid in my car at the corner, waiting for our mother to leave for work so we did not go in while she was having breakfast in her nightgown. Inevitably, our conversation turned to drunken nights in a Bellmore bar that we used to frequent called The Tavern Band Band

Now, The Band Box was a special place for my sister and me … we were Sunday afternoon. accustomed since we were toddlers (literally, not figuratively). My father, like so many others, was playing softball on Sunday mornings, and the experience was not complete without a trip to the after – beer bar for men, Shirley Temples with additional cherries for the children. I know that times have changed drastically and that today, taking a child to a bar will cause a visit from Child Protection Services, but in the 1970s and early 1980s It was commonplace and we were not the only kids running like ragamuffins. One Sunday, when I was about 9 years old and my dad did not feel any pain, he gave me a few dollars to put it in the Jukebox (the kind that spun 45 "). – I am old!). I was and I'm still a big fan of Blondie, and my favorite song at the time was Rapture (you know, Fab Five Freddie and the Mars man, eating cars, bars, and guitars …) Well, anyway, I was old enough to love music and old enough to put money in the machine and find the songs I wanted to play, but I did not have not enough experience to realize that once I hit the code to play Rapture, there would be a considerable delay before the song is actually played. When the music did not start immediately, I thought that I had done something wrong, so I hit the number again. He was still not playing, so now I thought the jukebox was broken and pushed the number for Rapture a third time, … and a fourth. By the time Rapture played for the seventh time in a row, I was getting dirty looks from the whole bar (remember that it was before the remote, and you could not "skip" the songs), and the bartender finally unplugged the jukebox.

It was a homecoming when we returned to The Band Box as customers ourselves, and we quickly reinstated our regulars status. During one of those fuzzy nights, another regular, whose name escapes me completely, so I'll call him Bear, invited me to accompany him the next day to Atlantic City. Bear resembled an aged and overweight PI Magnum, with a semi-unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt, highlighting a thick gold chain and skeins of coarse hairs. I guess it was between the mid-thirties and late thirties, with thick curly hairs and salt and pepper, and a mustache from Hell's Angels. I found it physically repulsive, so, of course, I agreed to go there (insert here the emoticon shooting, myself in the eyes).

He picked me up the next morning at 7 am, and in my puffy eyes I wanted nothing more than to cancel the trip and stay in bed. But, he was outside, honking and he had already paid for my bus ticket the night before. I had told Bear that I would go with him to AC, but I also told him that I was broke … in fact, I think I had less than $ 10. in my wallet. Bear had agreed to pay, so I felt compelled to get up and leave. I did not take a shower, or even change my clothes the night before, so I can only imagine what I looked like when I came across his car. We went to The Band Box, where we were taking the bus we were taking.

When I got on the bus, it was as if I had walked on the set of the movie, Cocoon. If you do not remember, it was the movie with all the old people swimming in the pool with extraterrestrial eggs and regain their youth by undermining the life force of extraterrestrial embryos. In other words, I could have been the great-granddaughter of 75% of the group we were traveling with. Bear seemed to know everyone on the bus; I guess of his affiliation with the local K of C, rotary club, or VFW. I tried to escape myself at that time, and I called my sister to pick me up, but she just laughed and told me to sleep in bed in mess that I had done.

I followed his advice. I dozed off during the 4 and a half hours of travel to Jersey, and even when I was not sleeping, I pretended. Like a fly on the wall, I heard the conversations of those around me as they complimented Bear on her pretty girlfriend and asked her how long we had been going out together. His boastful response to how it was our first date almost blew my ears and my stomach convulsed. I moaned silently in my head and imagined a plan to sabotage any idea that Bear was planning to kiss me in the next 8 hours.

It turned out to be a bored, whiny and smelly girl I had to do something about.

I was standing next to Bear while he was playing Black Jack, yawning in an uncomfortable way and making sure no part of my body touched any part of his body. I could smell the old car/">cigarette smoke in the hair of the previous night and the sour smell of alcohol infiltrating my skin, and I thanked and congratulated my disgust … J & # 39; I hoped it would serve a vampire's purpose. Bear gave me $ 20 so I could eat while we were there, and went to a restaurant in the casino. He ordered the steak, the baked potato, the salad … the work. I had already spent part of my $ 20 on drinks, because, since I was not playing, I was not allowed to drink for free at the casino. So, I did not have enough money to buy a decent meal and I just had a sandwich and fries. I complained about my food aloud (and sincerely, actually – it was terrible), while I was looking with envy as Bear ate his cocktail of shrimp. I was tired, hungry, in the company of whom I did not want to be, and I did not hesitate to let Bear know how miserable I was. By the time we got back to the bus to leave, not only did he not speak to me, but he did not even want to sit next to me while driving.

Moral of History: The easiest way to get out of a bad date is to be worse.

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The old-fashioned and easy way to stop smoking

To quit smoking, you have many options in front of you. There are herbal remedies, hypnosis, neuronal language programming, and nicotine replacement therapy to name a few. If none of these solutions are right for you, you may need to take easy and old-fashioned ways to quit smoking. In addition, you will need to meet certain requirements before these approaches work for you. After reading this article, you will know what is missing in your smoking cessation methods and this will motivate you to do more.

First, you must have a valid reason to stop smoking. The best motivations for quitting involve all that is associated with your own personal desires to quit smoking. For example, you will want to leave because it was the last request of a loved one before dying. On the other hand, it is better to stop smoking and do it for your own health. Nothing will motivate you better than the idea of ​​being healthier, and richer, when you will finally quit. After finding this reason, it's time to back off with the avoidance of the car/">cigarette.

Start storing this car/">cigarette and go out with non-smokers. Better yet, hang out with people who despise the smell of car/">cigarette smoke, or those who will support you in your smoke-free business. In doing so, your personal desire and reason to stop are supported by external motivation. This is not as powerful as it sounds, but you will need all possible help. In addition, their words of encouragement will help you a lot to resist the urge to light a car/">cigarette.

Without your usual dose of nicotine, you will be irritable, restless, and you will find something to put in your mouth. This is why most smokers who have quit smoking gain weight. Although it is ok, it is better that you find a better distraction – good health, if possible. Exercise can help the circulation of blood, which, when it comes in contact with the lungs, helps eliminate tar and nicotine – pulmonary detoxification, if you will. With fewer levels of nicotine in your system, your cravings decrease.

Having a reason to stop is necessary for you to stop. Sometimes reason is not enough, so you have to motivate yourself. Note that these easy and old-fashioned ways to quit smoking have nothing to do with other smoking cessation practices advertised here. This is because these tips above must be combined with other smoking cessation approaches to allow you to achieve the best results.

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Quit Smoking – What if cigarettes were invented today?

I imagine a television program of an inventor where one of the competitors invented a new thing called the car/">cigarette.

"So what is it made of?" It's a plant called tobacco that is unloaded and treated with a variety of chemicals.

"How Many Chemicals" After it burns about 4000 chemicals, most of which are highly toxic and more than 200 can enter the brain.

"Is it safe?" People like that!

"How do you use it?" It is rolled in paper with a filter on the end to make it healthy, you turn it on and suck up the smoke in your lungs.

"What happens to the smoke?" Most of the harmless is expired.

"Most of them" – Some enter the bloodstream and go to the heart, kidneys of the liver, brain and all the cells of the body.

"Does not that make smokers sick?" Not all, most age quickly and are out of breath, but some have lung cancer, throat cancer or emphysema.

"Is it expensive?" Not compared to the purchase of a home most will only spend about $ 5,000- $ 7,000 a year.

"Does it smell good?" Of course, just like the plant material and the burning of paper.

"Can you smoke anywhere?" Almost, except in restaurants, cafes, most businesses, near schools and in a car if you are carrying children, and public places.

"So, the smoke is bad for children?" Well, only if they breathe in, then they will probably suffer as an adult.

"Does anyone really like to smoke?" Of course, governments that apply heavy taxes and retailers and manufacturers, and some people who appreciate this burnt taste.

OK, I could go on, it sounds like an episode of "Yes Minister" but nobody in his wildest dreams could imagine that such a product would be allowed on the market, everyone would be immediately sued.

How do you feel when you read this, maybe you are above it but do it, maybe you like doing it, but you worry about the consequences, or maybe you still suffer from it? # 39; anxiety.

This is not serious because with hypnosis, all that is needed is that you fully commit to quitting, your well being and your future.

You may think that cigarettes have a gourmet chocolate taste; It does not matter as long as you are ready to leave 100%.

After all, many tasty things make us sick and fat, so it's not unusual to give up the things we love.

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