Crack Cocaine Abuse – Why They Lie – What's Crack Delusion?

Crack-adders create turbulence and chaos in families with crack abuse. Crack disruptions disturbances and can destroy countless family lives. How can one sort the truth out of crack lies?

Cocaine Crackers are caught between three worlds: 1. Their own illusions or beliefs of what they want to see; 2. Delusions caused by crack abuse; 3. Real or agreed life in society

How will you discover the world in which they operate while they abuse crack? It's a confusion that I hope will help you clear up.

What is creativity?

At some point, a person creates his life. Through their dreams and desires of what they want to accomplish or their intentions, people create their relationships, their attitudes and their beliefs. Creative individuals are wonderful to be with them as they add to the experience of life in a positive way. The path of the artist is manifested in the creativity that people put in daily activities.

What is the illusion?

The illusion and illusion can easily be confused by a crack abuser as well as by non-addicted users. The illusion is what others or other things put in your own world without your natural consent or your natural power. Moreover, illusion is a reality not created by oneself and not seen or experienced by the majority of others. The illusion is a false experience

Example of illusion: A cracker has just stolen a car to go out and crack with his dealer. They are fearful and sick. They make crack. Now they feel good, as they can handle just about anything. This is the illusion. In about 5 minutes to half an hour, they will crush and want more crack. The reality begins to interfere with their illusion of crack. They smoke more crack. Again, they may have the impression of being able to take care of it and are confident. It is the illusion of crack. Within 10 minutes, they feel totally depressed and must now evade the law. So, they smoke more crack.

The illusion may also be another thing that will not believe, even if your achievements are real. Their disbelief towards you is an illusion. If you allow it in your life, this illusion can ruin your abilities to create.

What is reality?

The reality is what everyone agrees to be true. The best example of reality is the physical experience that we have. We see trees, cars; feel the air in our face; smell the vapors of the car; to feel the sun It's the reality, like everyone with working senses, also knows these things to be real.

Now, what about the reality of a crack user:

Do not expect the truth to come from a crack abuser all the time, but rest assured to recognize the truth when it is spoken. A family member can expect all kinds of "stories" to come out of the mouth of a crack user. Sorting illusion of the intelligent creativity of an abuser is difficult. However, calling the truth of the illusion is absolutely vital if you want to keep your grip on reality. Notice that I said, your grip. Crackers create turbulence and chaos in families with their illusion.

Crack abusers deliberately and deliberately seek to introduce as much delusion into their lives as possible. To achieve a feeling of "well-being", the common reality must be ignored. Sometimes, crack abusers can not or do not want to create their own illusions and work to make them real. They become lazy and crack to pretend that they already have their dreams, that is the illusion of cracking. This is true even for senior executives and professionals. They fall short somewhere in their dreams.

Getting people out of crack and creating real dreams and building their own lives, not breaking the illusion is a way to finally stop the lie. Some believe that sobriety is the only way to reach the truth.

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