Easy Tips for Quitting Smoking

The health risks of smoking have been widely publicized and you all know them. Wanting to leave because "it's bad for you" is usually not enough for most people. You will need something more powerful and personal to motivate you to leave. Maybe your wife has just given birth and you want to protect your newborn from second-hand smoke. Maybe the idea of ​​developing lung cancer scares you. Maybe you are tired of the smell of smoke, yellow teeth, etc. Look in yourself and find a reason strong enough to resist the urge to illuminate.

Why quit smoking can be so difficult

keep away all your cigarettes and say that you are now smoke free! Simple, no? For those who have tried, you know it's not as simple as it sounds. About 95% of those who go to cold turkey without therapy or with the help of their doctor eventually relapse.

Opposite, nicotine is addictive! It's both a psychological habit and a physical addiction! The act of lighting up at a particular time or place is an integral part of your daily ritual – it's a habit. In addition, the nicotine in cigarettes provides an addictive "high". Sudden cessation of nicotine by the brain suddenly causes severe physical withdrawal symptoms and cravings

Questions to Ask

Ask yourself the following questions to help you identify your smoking habits. They will also help you identify the techniques or therapies most likely to work for you.

• Are you no longer a social smoker or a heavy smoker?

• If you are a social smoker, in what form? social settings enlighten you most often? (eg, after a meal, with friends, in pubs)

• Is smoking related to other addictions, such as gambling or alcohol?

• Have you ever tried to quit? If so, what did your experience look like? What made you relapse?

• Do you often want to switch on when you're stressed?

• Are you ready to talk to a therapist or counselor? you should decide to stop smoking?

• Are you ready to participate in a fitness program?

10 tips for successfully quitting smoking

1. Manage your stress levels – Anxiety and stress are some of the most common reasons why people smoke. Nicotine in cigarettes helps them to relax. Learning how to manage stress levels (for example, listening to relaxing music, taking yoga or meditation, exercising or opting for a massage or spa treatment) can help reduce stress. Want to smoke. The feelings that made you smoke in the past are likely to be part of your life. You will need to learn healthier techniques to deal with these stressful situations that would normally require you to take this car/">cigarette.

2. Management of cravings associated with meals – if you have a habit of lighting after each meal, try the following: replace the moment after the meal with something else, like a fruit, a dessert, a coffee with chocolate, etc. new ritual.

3. Alcohol and smoking – many have the habit of smoking when they drink alcohol. Try to sit inside bars and restaurants where smoking is prohibited. Stick nuts or chew a toothpick or straw instead.

4. Exercise – Join an exercise program and stay physically active. When you feel the need to take a car/">cigarette, put on your jogging shoes or ride a bicycle.

5. Keep your hands busy – replace the urge to hold a car/">cigarette with a pen, a "stress ball," and so on.

6. Chew mints, nuts, gum, etc.

7. Do not do it alone – tell family and friends that you intend to quit and get their support and encouragement. Talk to a counselor or join a smoker support group. You can also consider behavioral therapy or psychotherapy.

8. Talk to your doctor about nicotine replacement products or medications that can help you stop smoking.

9. Start again – once you have smoked your last stick, throw away all your lighters and ashtrays. Give your house, your car and your clothes a good cleaning to rid them of the smell of car/">cigarette smoke. Use air fresheners to make your home / car smell nice and fresh. Go to the dentist and whiten your teeth (yellowed after the years of smoking).

10. Choose your reward – Use the money you saved by not buying cigarettes to reward you.

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