Heating your home this winter

Your preparations for the winter should be well advanced or completed, but if you have not made any improvements to your home or if you have not purchased the items that will give you a warm winter , do not be too long! If you start now, there is still time to square.

If you use a woodstove, chances are you will not be cold, as this method of heating can be warm and warm. However, it pays to have the chimney checked annually for both safety and efficiency. Anyone that your local fire department recommends will probably do a thorough job. Ensuring that your chimney works well not only improves the efficiency of heating your stove, but it also prevents chimney fires and stale air from a chimney that does not pull the stove. smoke from the house.

to order the early wood (and chop the wood ignition) so that you know that the wood had a good seasoning range. Of course, if you heat to oil, it is generally advisable to order it before the "winter rush", but perhaps price fluctuations will be taken into account nowadays – now or later ?

Hot houses must use a weatherstrip. It may be outdated, but it is still effective. Apply it under and / or around doors and windows or wherever you can see the sunlight coming in or feel a draft.

Dressing properly indoors, especially to warm up, will make a big difference. Diapers are a great way to retain air in your clothes – that 's what keeps you warm. Keep the sweaters and blankets handy, so your first impulse is to put something on it rather than reaching another piece of wood or the thermostat. [Windows9002] Windows can cause large amounts of heat on the outside. Heavy floor-to-ceiling curtains really keep the heat, sometimes they can be found inexpensively. The hanging film that is designed specifically to insulate windows is also a very inexpensive way to prevent the cold; the local hardware store will stock it.

Finally, when your local supermarket has large boxes of hearty soup for sale, purchase some for winter supplies. Nothing warms up like soup! In case of power outage, you can open the box and lay it on your woodstove for a quick warm-up meal.

Now is the time to put yourself on a list if you think you might be a qualifier the Energy Assistance Division (DEA). This ministry publishes reports on the Low Income Domestic Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP).

LIHEAP's mandate is to assist low-income households who pay a large portion of their income. Immediate needs in domestic energy. They are most concerned about the most "vulnerable" in the household, such as the elderly or very young children.

Funds are distributed by the US Department of Health and Human Services to LIHEAP beneficiaries in each state (eg do not contact the federal government for this). This can be accessed by phoning your state or using the internet and typing in the name of the state followed by the LIHEAP grants.

Preparing for the winter is a smart idea anytime, but if you're just getting started now, you can still make improvements that will save you money and keep you warm. Do not waste time!

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