How smoking can be an important factor for women

Although most car/">cigarette smokers know the danger in which they run away, most of them do not know how bad this habit is for the majority of women. This has been supported by various surveys and polls on the subject, which places him at the top of the list of dating rules for guys. Most of the interviewees said that they could not kiss a man who was smoking alone and that they were going out with them, which cost them many chances even before they started.

Heavy smokers are mostly in the danger zone. line here. Non-smoking women also hate to have a partner who smokes, which is why they avoid going out with them in the first place. Nobody cares that smoking is not permanent; the fact that you like to suck these "sticks of death" is enough to put you in the forbidden zone. In the case of a man who usually gets in mid-relationship, he puts pressure on most relationships to the point of breaking them.

Why This Is Unsightly

Long-term smoking affects the breath of a smoker who makes it smell like stale cigarettes. Such a bad smell is a love killer and the mint puffs and mouthwash that smokers keep dropping down are useless, the bad smell will always be there. It's as if the smoke is infiltrating all over your body to get out of your pores 24/7. The ban on smoking should therefore be added to the list of dating rules for men.

There is also the question of car/">cigarette smoke hanging on all your clothes, no matter how strong or expensive your cologne is. Like bad breath, the unpleasant smell of dead smoke will always be in your clothes. Smokers who smoke in the home also have the same problem as the smoke that hangs from each piece of furniture and the walls that create an unpleasant smell in the air.

As if the bad smell associated with smokers was not enough, hot mess too. Frequent smokers have yellowing teeth that are caused by nicotine staining that may be accompanied by gum disease, mouth ulcers or sores. Such people are, therefore, susceptible to cavities that can cause tooth loss at a young age, which is unattractive and an important stop.


Nicotine is as addictive as heroin all addictions; it changes the life of a person in a negative way. From premature aging to affecting their respiratory and immune system, it's no wonder women do not want to go out with a man who smokes. The fact that it is also associated with erectile dysfunction cements the fact that dating rules for men should include this important deactivation for women.

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