How the smell of cigarette is absorbed in your carpet

If your carpet constantly smells of car/">cigarette smoke, you may be at risk.

Insidious smoke and ash that has been ground in carpet fibers sometimes bind adhesives and carpets, emitting volatile organic compounds. In extreme cases, the constant smell of car/">cigarette on carpets that ordinary carpet cleaning products can not remove can irritate the eyes and even burn the lungs. Over time, you can develop upper respiratory irritation, rashes, headaches, coughs and even shortness of breath, even if you are not too sensitive to odor. You need a good carpet cleaning service to get rid of this smell quickly

Why does my carpet smell like car/">cigarette smoke?

There is no doubt that living in a home or working in an office may have long-term negative effects on health. The car/">cigarette smell of your carpet can be dangerous, and to say the least boring. How did he get there? Here are some explanations.

1. Bad ventilation. If you smoke in a poorly ventilated place – such as a small condo or kitchen without a window – the smell of burning car/">cigarette tends to linger long after the end of the stick and ends up infiltrating into the fibers of your carpet. The result is a persistent and undesirable odor. Without the proper elimination of carpet stains, the odor can spread to other fabrics in your home, from your sofa to your bed sheets. [2]. car/">Cigarette ash fallen. You may have crushed your toe while holding your ashtray causing the ashes to spill, or the wind could have scattered car/">cigarette ash on your carpet. No matter how they arrive, car/">cigarette ashes left uncleaned can penetrate deep into the fibers of your carpet, filling the entire home with unpleasant odors. Like any other form of dirt, it "cuts" the carpet and damages it. The deeper it crosses, the harder it is to remove it, and the worse the odor it causes.

Nicotine and tar. The smell of car/">cigarette smoke is caused by nicotine and tar, which can give your carpets, walls and curtains unsightly stains. These "carbohydrates" behave like oil or fat, which makes them difficult to remove. Blame them for the smell of acrid and pungent carpets that standard detergents simply can not clean.

Solutions That Work

car/">Cigarette smoke on carpets can be a big source of frustration – not to mention a health hazard. The usual solution of detergent or lemon juice is simply not enough. Vacuuming will not help either. And in these tough economic times, it's not practical to completely change your carpet.

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