How to get rid of opossums with ease

Usually, opossums are not aggressive, but they can become aggressive when they catch an illness. There are many ways to get rid of opossums. Given below are some steps you can take in order to keep opossums.

Cover the foundation vents . Usually, opossums enter a house via the dryer vents. So blocking these can prevent them from sneaking into your house.

· You can block openings with metal vent covers. These blankets have enough space for smoke and steam to escape; However, opossums can not cross them.

Cut the branches of trees . In fact, opossums can enter your home through the roof by creating holes. So, you should consider cutting large plants and tree branches.

· The distance between the branches and the roof should be at least 8 to 10 feet.

· Placing climbing plants near the house is not a good idea.

Protect bridges that are low. The possums like to hide under the lower decks; therefore, you should protect them with some sort of metal barrier.

· You Can Use a 6.35 mm Grid Shield

· Around the perimeter of the deck, you should make a trench with a depth of 12 inches.

· You should then put the screening in this trench. Now, the barrier must extend to the bottom of the bridge from the bottom of the hole.

· Now fill the trench with dirt to keep the screen shaking.

· Then connect the top of the screen with the turntable. It's even better if you use staples.

Perform unidirectional transient output to escape trapped possums. The diameter of the outlet should be 4 to 6 inches. You should keep the door open for a few days before blocking it.

Seal other open holes. There can be many other holes or cracks in your house through which opossums can enter your home. You should also block these spaces and holes. Examples of these include attic vents, holes in window screens, deck trusses and chimneys, to name a few.

If the above tips do not work for you, or if you are not familiar with opossums, then you should turn to an expert pest controller in your area. Keep in mind that not taking action against opossums can only cause a lot of loss. So, you should either try to get rid of themselves to have someone else to do it for you. This call is yours.

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