How to get rid of smoke smell from furniture

How Can I Get the Smoke Smell Out of Things?

In previous post we discussed how to get rid of smoke smell from books and leather. Here we’ll be discussing ways to get rid of smoke smell from furniture.

There are many factors which are to be considered in order to get smoke smell out of furniture. What’s the type of furniture? Is it upholstered or regular wood? Is the wood sealed ? What’s the upholstery made of? Fabric or Leather? etc. There are certain tricks which you use to get rid of smoke smell from furniture. These are appended below:

  • You can use a solution of vinegar and lukewarm water and wipe the surface with clean cotton cloth. After that, use a good quality wood cleaner.
  • If your furniture has drawers then place small containers with charcoal or baking soda inside and let them sit for a few days. Replace them if needed.
  • If none of the above worked for you then you might have to resort to refinishing the piece or even polishing it. If you do decide to paint, start with a good base coat, preferably a sealing primer to isolate and lock that smoke smell.
  • Carpet cleaners work great with upholstered furniture. Generally it is okay to wash the pieces yourself but following the guidelines on the label is recommended. You can also use vinegar and lukewarm water solution for cleaning these portions. There are many tools designed for cleaning specific purpose which can be very helpful in this regard.

You can also read my other posts regarding how to get smoke smell out of house and use those techniques for getting smoke smell out of furniture. I hope these tricks will help you get your job done. Please feel free to comment your experience or suggestions for benefit of others. If you need my help then you can contact me too. Happy odor hunting 🙂

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