How to get rid of smoke smell from leather goods

Previously we have discussed various ways of getting smoke smell out of house. In this post I’ll cover several other ways to get rid of car/">cigarette smell from leather goods.

A simple trick that almost always work!

 Before I proceed to the specific remedies, let me break a very simple trick to you guys which almost always work. Put the smoke smell infested item with a Dryer sheets in a Ziploc bag and leave it for few hours (overnight is recommended). Viola ! You’ll be surprised to see the results. This trick is particularly useful for small items like a book or clothes you don’t want to wash. You can get yourself pretty big Ziploc bags if you need them for bigger items like jackets and coats.
Ziploc bag with dryer sheet

Get car/">cigarette smell out of leather goods

Smoke smell gets infused in leather fairly quickly and the degree of treatment varies drastically with the type of leather at hand. A hard leather like that of a biker jacket or cowboy boots would require more efforts than that on a softer leather like that of a purse, wallet or a regular outdoor jacket. The inner lining also tends  to play an important role in absorbing the smoke odour. You can get rid of smoke smell from leather good using following methods

  • Use commercially available leather cleaner like Autoglym, Glitz etc
  • Use a cheaper alternative in the form of homemade solution of diluted vinegar or rubbing alcohol
  • Coffee beans do the trick pretty well for many odours
  • Dryer sheets or newspaper are very good is absorbing the smoke smell

Get rid of smoke smell from leather dryer sheets Get rid of smoke smell from leather spray Get rid of smoke smell from leather

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If you want to use the vinegar or rubbing alcohol solution then do make sure first that it is not spoiling the surface by applying on a small inner surface. Also try that the leather doesn’t get soaked with the solution. Use it with a cloth and wipe clean the surface of the leather using even hand motion.

If the inside lining is made of nylon then you can wash with soap and water or the above mentioned solution. If interior is made of fabric then you can use the following methods:

  • Place dryer sheets inside the purse, bag or jacket and let it stay overnight
  • You can use newspaper to cover shoes and let them sit for a night or two
  • Evenly spread coffee beans inside the item you want to deodorize
  • You can also use baking soda for this purpose too
  • At times only fresh air and sunlight does the trick

Get rid of smoke smell from leather coditionerI hope these tricks will help you get rid of smoke smell from your leather goods. Stay tuned for more tips in my next post. If you have any queries or want to share your experience then feel free to comment. Read my next post on how to get smoke smell out of books.

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