How to get smoke smell out of books

How to Get Smoke Smell Out of books

Books tend to absorb any smell pretty quickly and it becomes particularly irritating if it’s of something unpleasant. In my previous post on How to get smoke smell out of leather goods, I mentioned how Ziploc bags can be used along with dryer sheets to snitch away most of the smells from small items. Books can be tried with that method too. You just need to place your stinking book in a Ziploc bag and add along a dryer sheet (or two). Let it sit for a night. You’ll see fairly good result next day. Repeat the process a couple of times till the stench is unnoticeable.

You can also use baking soda to get rid of smoke and car/">cigarette smell from books. Cover your book in some generous amount of baking soda and leave it for few hours (a whole day is recommended). Dust off the next day to feel the noticeable difference.

If none of the above works then we do have a sure fire way to deal with smoke smell in books. You’ll have to make a solution of equal parts of warm water and distilled vinegar (synthetic/white). Apply this solution using a clean cotton cloth lightly yet evenly on the hardcover and let it dry. Change the cloth if it starts smearing the grime around. Initially you’ll feel the vinegar smell from the books it will fade away pretty quickly. Do not continue wiping your book if you feel it is damaging the cover. You might want to mask the smell through some commercially available deodorizer.

I hope this puts you at ease reading your favorite book. If any of the tricks worked for you then don’t forget to comment. If you have your own experience to share then please do that so that people may benefit. You can read about how to get rid of smoke smell from furniture in my next post. Happy fighting smoke odor.


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