How to get smoke smell out of house – Part IV

Hello everyone! This post is in continuation of the series how to get smoke smell out of house. Previously we discussed the basic tips about how to clean your house in order to get rid of smoke smell. It is recommended that you may have a look at the previous posts before proceeding further. In this part, we’ll discuss about how to carry out the paint job in order to get rid of smoke odor. We’ll also discuss some tips based on easily available products to fight the smoke smell.

How to get smoke smell out of house

For a repaint, first of all you need to thoroughly clean the surfaces and then allow them to dry. This is necessary to scrub off the superficial dirt and particles. Drying allows the required adhesiveness for the paint. Now observe whether the smoke smell is still there or not. If not – great! Do check it again after a few days as the cleaners happen to mask the smell with their own. If the smoke smell is still there then you should try to repaint the walls and ceilings. For this, you’ll have to visit a hardware store for a sealant to lock off the smell. Apply it before doing the paint job to prevent the smell seep through the new coat of paint.  A more detailed post regarding the paint job can be visited here.

Also, another effective way of getting rid of smoke smell from your house is by using charcoal which happens to have amazing absorption capabilities. For this you can put charcoal in tin pans or bowls and place them around various portions of house. Let it stay there for a week at least. It will take off most of the smell. Remove after a week and observe the remains of the smell. You can also put your removable items like books, clothing, decoration pieces etc in a big bag along with some charcoal. Keep it there for a few days before removing. You may want to remove that a couple of times if needed. Read more about getting rid of smoke smell from books

How to get smoke smell out of house

Another very effective domestic product you can use to remove smoke odor naturally is distilled vinegar. It has multiple advantages associated to it. It’s not harmful to your body, take away the odor pretty quickly, it’s environment friendly and it is quite inexpensive. You can use it to sanitize everything. From Kitchen sinks to toilets, windows to floors and ceilings and also in your washing machine as a fabric softener.

Vinegar - How to get smoke smell out

If you smoke or remain the company of smokers then quite often you find smoke stains on the clothes too which are pretty tough get rid of. In order to clean these stains you can make use of a stain remover along with a detergent. For smoke smell coming from clothes you can use fabric fresheners which are pretty effective in this regard.

Other cleansing and odor removing commercial products available in the market are Lysol and PineSol. Do wear gloves when applying those because otherwise you’ll feel the burning sensation on your hands.

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