How to get smoke smell out of house – Part V

This post is a sequel of the series on how to get smoke smell out of house. In this post we’ll talk about getting rid of smoke smell from carpets, curtains, drapes, floors and doors. Before going through this post, it is recommended that you may have a look at the previous posts which will provide you with adequate background knowledge of our strategy for combating smoke odor.

Wet towel for getting rid of smoke smell

A pretty quick way of getting smoke out of your room where someone has heavily smoked is by partially soaking  a towel in water. Wring the excess water out. Swirl it around by holding the dry end of the towel in a circle pattern above your head. It’s an age old trick and works like a charm. The principle behind this is that smoke is a colloid which means a substance microscopically dispersed throughout another substance. Here colloid is the solid particles suspended in air. These particles will stick to the wet part of the towel hence getting rid of the smoke and much of the associated smell. This is particularly useful if you do not want the smoke in your room to sink inside your walls and furniture. You can read more about this on reddit.

Coffee for getting rid of smoke smell

Ground coffee and coffee beans happen to have strong absorbing ability in terms of smells while at the same time leaning behind an exotic aroma. Open up a small can of fresh coffee and leave it inside the odor ridden room for few days. You’ll notice marked difference pretty soon.

Fill a spray bottle with water and add 30 drops of high-quality citrus essential oil. Spritz the carpet lightly. Fill an oil diffuser with water and add 15 drops of citrus oil. Run the diffuser continuously until the water is evaporated.

Essential oils for getting rid of smoke smell

Indoor plants can come in pretty handy for keeping your in house environment clean and healthy. Studies have proved that indoor plants can help you clean up to 87% of the pollutants residing in the air of your house. Make good use of this natural remedy which is not only beneficial for your environment and health but also give a a soothing psychological effect.

For cleaning floor and doors, you can make use of the commercially available cleaners but do make sure that they are wood friendly. For this you can apply a small amount of the cleaner to a portion of the door or floor. If the reaction causes abrasion to the surface or fades away the polish then do not use it and go for an alternate cleaner. You’ll have to mop the floor with the cleaner solution thoroughly and do change the dirty water frequently because you would really not want to spreading the dirty water all over again on the floor or door making all your efforts go down the drain. For the corners, you can use a hand scrub and wipe away the dirt or residue sticking there. Also don’t forget to clean the baseboards and door frames because you really need to make sure everything which was part of the room gets cleaned.

You can read more about how to get smoke smell out of house in the next part of this series. Do let us know about your feedback in the comment section. Happy cleaning. 🙂



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