How to get smoke smell out of house – Part VI

This post is a sequel to the series how to get smoke smell out of house. In this post we will discuss some small yet effective tips and tricks for combating smoke odor. If you haven’t read the previous posts then it is recommended that you should do so and then use the following tips to speed things up.

You can mask the smoke smell which is not much engrained by placing a pot filled with water and few drops of vanilla essence in an over. Heat the mixture for few minutes and then place it in your room.

vanilla - how to get smoke smell out of house

Candles are also known to take away smoke odor. Try using scented candles in your house which will not only give a pleasant smell but will also make the ambiance a tad exotic. You may also use regular candles too but I personally prefer scented ones.

If you are not comfortable with vanilla smell or candles then you can also have a citrus fragrance in your room. For this you may peel an orange and spread the skin cut down to small piece around the room. This will soak up the smell of smoke leaving behind a refreshing citrus smell.

orange peel - how to get smoke smell out of house

Another way to neutralize the stench is by burning cedar wood and allow the smoke to linger. Cedar wood smoke is also very handy in masking other sorts of odors.

You can make use of a slice of white bread soaked up in white vinegar and place it in a paper plate. Leave it in your room for a day or two and allow it to absorb the smoke smell.

Pineapple also tends to neutralize odors. For this, get hold of a few ripe pineapples and slice them up in halves. Place these halves in your room and keep them there for a day or so. Remove them before they decay.

Pineapple - How to get smoke smell out of house

Ozone molecules generated by ozone generator also help in getting rid of odors. The extra oxygen molecule rapidly oxides leaving behind a distinct smell. Use the ozone generator only after you try the natural remedies because of the reactive ion in the ozone.

There are also some commercially available products which you may resort to when cleaning your room. These include

  • OdoBan: It is an odor eliminator and a disinfectant. It can be used for getting rid of smoke smell from kitchens, bathrooms, walls, carpets, bedding, garbage dumps etc
  • Vamoose: This specifically targets tobacco odor whether it be from a cigar, car/">cigarette, pipe or hookah. The chemical reacts with tar and nicotine without causing damage to the surfaces.
  • Ozium: It is an air sanitizer which keeps the environment of your home fresh and clean. It also removes air borne bacteria.
  • Room Shocker: It is also well reputed in fighting odor leaving behind a pleasant fragrance.

I hope enjoyed the read. Please let us know of your feedback in the comments sections. Would love to hear from you. Go bust that smoke out of your house. Cheers 🙂

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