Importance of exhaust fans in our homes

While most of us are used to the exhaust fans of our kitchens and bathrooms, we do not really understand the importance of a fan. exhaust beyond its air cooling function. We simply think that kitchen exhaust fans help remove smoke and steam from the kitchen and that the bathroom fan is used to keep it odorless.

But exhaust fans perform many other underlying functions. Take for example the work of a kitchen extractor fan. It clears the air of the stem and the smell of food. If you accidentally burn something, the smoke will disappear as well. Now imagine if you did not have a fan in the kitchen to get rid of exhaust gas.

Steam will settle on cabinets and walls, encouraging mold and mildew. The kitchen will continue to contain the smell of old food and the smoke and oil will begin to stain the wall. Not a pretty picture, is not it? We also tend to keep potatoes, onions, etc. on the outside in the kitchen and they will start to rot quickly due to excessive moisture in the air.

The bathroom exhaust fan plays a similar role. Aside from the smell, bathrooms tend to have more humidity with constant use of water. This moisture can spread throughout the wood and damage mold.

For this reason, fans in the bathroom and kitchen must have ducts that end the house. If the ducts are stuck or end up in the house, the moisture will build up and damage the surrounding areas of the building. If the exhaust fan stops working, you will start to see traces of mold on the wall, paint or wallpaper, damp spots on the tiles and the roof, frost on the window and metal.

The need for a garage exhaust fan is something that people sometimes neglect because it is not as frequently used as the bathroom and the kitchen. However, garages are not always as well insulated as our homes and we tend to store several things in the garage with our fabrics and car-like woods, which tend to absorb moisture and mildew. And since the garage is essentially connected to your home, these pores eventually drift into the air as you breathe and cause health problems, even if your exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom are working

Only keep the level of humidity low, but also keep the building's foundations strong, since in many homes, the garage is part of the main building. Any damage to the walls and roof of the garage in the form of moisture can cost you thousands of dollars in rebuilding.

Plus, mildew, odor, all of this can affect our health, including causing asthma or allergies in children. can even cause severe fungal infections in adults. Mold may not be easy to spot, but you have paint or wallpaper or spider webs on the wall, this may be mold. If you suspect mildew, you can take a sample and take it for analysis in a laboratory. Install properly sized exhaust fans for efficient ventilation, whether in your kitchen, bathroom or garage.

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