Installation of wood burning stove

The installation of a wood stove is a complex process that must be done with care and expertise, and I would recommend using a professional to install your woodstove. Safety is the key and a wood stove is very safe with the correct installation and maintenance. If you feel that you are able to install the woodstove, you need to consider several essential factors.

The location is important, not only for optimized satisfaction, but also for security. It is inadvisable to place the woodstove on flammable flooring such as wood. There are however suitable surfaces for the wood stove, such as concrete, ceramic tile, marble and slate, they are more appropriate as they do not ignite easily leaving your home more secure . Not only are there safety restrictions on the floor covering, but also on the surface covered by the base. The base of the wood stove should cover a 20 cm (8 in.) Wood stove at the front of the doors, to reduce the risk of fire. Better to be safe than sorry. Around the wood stove, safety precautions can also be taken with the walls. Again gaps of at least 12 inches should remain around the wood stove. For added protection, a non-combustible wall shield can be used as well as a rear heat shield. Wall protection is essential because any flammable material near the wood stove is a hazard.

The connection of the chimney and stovepipe (installation) is another task of wood stove installation which must be carried out with care and expertise. . The chimney is what directs the harmful and unwanted smoke out of the house. There are a number of aspects to remember. When installing the stovepipe, it should be kept and at least 18 inches away from anything that is combustible. To be on the safe side, you can protect the stove with a heat shield to greatly reduce the risk of fire. As for the chimney, it should be at least 3 feet above the roof surface, but the higher will be the better. There is one thing to remember with wood stove pipes and the chimney, there are several types with several protections in order to understand what you have to do before proceeding with the installation.

The installation of the wood stove is demanding, complicated, highly responsible, and if you do not really know what you are doing, it is advisable to hire a professional to install it.

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