My reasons for quitting smoking after 40 years and over

It's funny at the time I was born, people knew that cigarettes were not good for them. However, you can smoke in an airplane, a hospital bed, or anywhere because it was fashionable. In those days, the remedy for improving situations was either a drink or a smoke or both. Even though it was as simple as being nervous about a date, your friends would say that smoking will be fine. I even remember weddings that had cigarettes on the table, with matches that had the date of the wedding and the details. If you are somebody younger now, you would not believe that a person of old age could buy cigarettes. If ever asked I would just say that they are for my dad. When I started smoking, a package cost only forty cents. Cigarettes were my best friend there in good times, bad times, when I woke up, ate, drank, when I needed them, they were there. It was the glamor of the time, now let's talk about the reality …

I've been lucky up here, no cancer smoking but it's miserly. took effect in the breathing zone. My development after smoking for more than forty years was asthma. Not COPD, but laughter was a challenge because of the cough, the regular increase in phlegm and, most of the time, colds turned into lung infections, including pneumonia. I am smoke free now for 3 months breathing better, no coughs or phlegm, and I hope that asthma will go away by smoking. This does not mean that I do not miss my best friend, especially in certain circumstances. We did not smoke in the house but on the outside because of our son, but still in the car where my thirst in the car is still high. When I smell the car/">cigarette, it's still like the most amazing perfume in the world, but my recovery periods are over. After that time, I beat the physical need, but still mentally difficult as they were my go.

The reason I stopped was to start with the price of $ 15 / pack every other day, or $ 1400.00 / year. At first, the taste of cigarettes was tastier. Now, my palate would taste more chemicals than sweetness. It was a terrible habit for all those years, but on the other hand so nice too. Quitting smoking was so hard and rewarding at the same time. A person must be ready, not forced to be subjected to pressure from peers because it will not stop forever. I never judge those who smoke or still preach at home. On a sidebar, my generation was also pot-smoking now we legalize that too, what will they discover in 40 years on health issues to smoke pot? Will they put extra chemicals like cigarettes over time? What kind of pictures or discouraging advertisements will they be legally allowed to put on packages? Will our people be allowed to smoke anywhere, or near children? The point is smoking is smoking pot or cigarettes.

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