Ozone Generator Buying Guide

If you are a homeowner and your home has recently suffered water damage, smoke damage, mildew infestation or the horrible smell of an expired rodent's death in a crawl space, then you have probably read the generator could just be the answer to your problems. However, with so many different types of ozone machines on the market, how to decipher facts, fictions and pure and pure BS? I have some tips that will help you avoid getting ripped off and help you make a wise decision to buy an ozone generator.

The first thing you need to understand is that the ozone generator industry is not regulated by a government agency. . More than half of the so-called ozone generator manufacturers are nothing more than Internet opportunists who are trying to profit from a high-priced, somewhat-priced product. required. These unscrupulous sellers manufacture their over-expensive ozone machines in their own garages, establish a website that makes all sorts of outrageous claims about the production capabilities of their ozone machines, and then advertise their website in the engines of research. One sure way to eliminate some of these sellers is to do a Google search of their business address, then use the "Street View" function by dragging the "little man" icon into the street right in front of their door. business address. . If you see a house, you may want to avoid this provider. Why? It's easy to close your operations when doing business at home. When you invest in a business, it shows that you are there for the long term and that it is harder to get out of a "junk" place than a family business. Why should you worry that the seller is in business for the long term? Because ozone generators are likely to fail due to the highly corrosive nature of ozone and the damaging effects on the metal components of switches, timers, relays, and so on. The same goes for eBay sellers who buy a lot of ozone without investing spare parts. When their supply is exhausted, they are no longer in the ozone sector and you still have an expensive door stop when your machine breaks down on time.

Once you find an ozone machine that you like, you are ready to invest your hard earned money, the next question to ask yourself is: "How do I know if this machine is really emitting so much? Ozone Manufacturer Claims It Ozone Generators Manufacturers do not have to validate the ozone machines that they sell.I have seen sellers claim 16,000 to 20,000 milligrams per hour, but when we tested these machines in our store with our ozonizer, they produced 3000-5000 mg / h, big difference between what is actually produced and what is claimed How can you make sure that the generator Ozone you are buying is producing the amount of ozone advertised? Simple! Ask the seller the following questions in an email (future forage for a 100% refund if you test the machine and find that the information provided was incorrect (19659002) QUESTION # 1. How many volts is the power supply! An ozone generator creates ozone by creating an electric spark that separates oxygen into the air. To accomplish this feat, you must create a high voltage electric spark. A simple rule that I have observed in the laboratory and well recognized in the ozone industry is that a transformer of 3000 volts can produce about 3000 mg / h of ozone by time when it is attached to a high voltage ozone element or to six or more MICA plates at 40% humidity or less. Each Mica plate can produce a maximum of about 400 milligrams of ozone per hour IF it is properly installed due to the low electrical spark that it is capable of generating from wire mesh. If you own a MICA plate ozone generator, observe the plate in the dark. It will not shine very brightly, very weakly actually. The types of ozone plates that become dark purple in the dark are called "high voltage ozone elements" and they can produce about 3000-4000 mgh per plate when they are powered. with a power transformer 3000-4000 volts. These types of plates shine purple, almost like a UV lamp, in the dark. They create a very strong electric spark that is much more efficient at producing ozone compared to older MICA plates. In fact, a 4000 volt transformer and an element of ozone consumes only about 35 watts of electricity, now it is effective! Therefore, Tip # 1 is to ask the supplier to email you the exact voltage, amperes and watts used by their power transformers and the number and type of ozone plates used by their machines. . For example, if a salesman claims that his machine produces 16 to 20,000 milligrams of ozone per hour, but his machine only uses one 5,000 volt transformer, then things are not safe. 39, will not add.

QUESTION # 2. What kind of ozone element does the ozone machine use? Believe it or not, some vendors will try to convince you that the elements of ozone in their machines are "permanent" and will last forever. Friends, there is no permanent ozone plate! If used in 90-100% of humidity, even expensive high voltage ozone plates will only last 20-40 hours. Ozone generators are not made to be used in 90% more moisture! In humid areas, you must operate the air conditioning or dehumidifier in order to perform shock treatment. Tip # 2 is so think twice before buying an ozone generator from a supplier that does not offer replacement ozone plates or makes a machine that uses "MICA" plates.

Once you have these answers in writing, save the email in case you need to use it to get a refund in the future. When you receive your ozone generator, ask a local electrician friend of the family (or hire someone) to open your ozone generator and give it one time and test the force (in volts) of the power transformer. If you find that the indicated voltage does not match the advertised voltage, request a refund. After all, what you buy when you buy an ozone generator are high voltage power transformers, not a smooth sales pitch! Honest sellers will clearly indicate the specifications of their machines on their websites and by e-mail if requested. They will also provide you with a picture of the inside of their units and will disclose the amount of plates, the type used and so on. You should be tired of sellers who hold this information near the jacket or refuse to go on the record with this

Now you know what questions to ask an ozone machine vendor before making a purchase. I want to close this "Ozone Generator Buying Guide" by giving you some tips on how to save money on your purchase :

Tip # 1. Ask the seller if he is selling used units or "boneless" ozone generators. Many ozone generator vendors will have at their disposal spare parts for returned or fixed units that they will be able to sell "at a low price" for a paltry sum of the retail price. Others might be able to sell you a "bone-free ozone generator" without the bells and whistles that you can easily use to make your own ozone generator, especially if you're the one type "do it yourself". You can also check eBay to see if anyone sells high voltage power transformers in the range of 3000-12 000 volts or high voltage ozone items that can be easily attached to the power transformer. Some ozone suppliers want $ 1,000 or more for their ozone generators, however, the fact is that ozone machines are fairly basic electronic components and they should not cost as much as 39 a used car, especially if you buy the main components. Do it yourself. "

Tip # 2. Do not buy an ozone generator with too many" bells and whistles ". As I have already mentioned, ozone is very corrosive over time for all metals except stainless steel.Unfortunately, all electronic switches, relays, etc. must use ordinary metal to be able to produce electricity.What we have so is a dilemma The solution? Do not buy an ozone generator with all the bells and whistles! This includes an internal timer, ozone output dial (to raise and lower the ozone ), etc. Just realize that if you buy an ozone generator with these parts, the ozone will destroy those parts and all it takes to stop an ozone generator is to have one of the electrical components fail.If you want a timer, buy an external timer for $ 5 at Lowe & If you want to be able to raise and lower the ozone output, purchase a "repeating timer" that can turn on your ozone generator for a few seconds x times and repeat this cycle indefinitely. These two elements can be connected via an extension in another room to your ozone generator. Less is more when it comes to longevity in the shock treatment ozone generators.

Tip # 3. Do not do too much when you perform shock treatments! There is a reason why trained professionals who administer ozone shock treatments command thousands of dollars to perform shock treatments; they know what they're doing and how to perform shock treatment safely and effectively without letting your house smell the ozone for weeks after the shock treatment! In addition to being an ozone generator manufacturer, I also run a restoration company that uses ozone in some of our work. For the elimination of mold, ozone plays only a minor role in the manufacture of toxic mold for example. The rock sheets must be disassembled and replaced, CFM's very high-temperature air purifiers ensure that the mold, when disturbed, is not redistributed throughout the structure . Moist wood should be dried. Yes, the shock levels of ozone will kill the mold, but that 's only a small part of the mold' s removal, regardless of what some sellers do. Ozone could announce to help their units.

error I find that homeowners are doing shock treatment that does not properly remove all petroleum based products such as carpet foam, sofa cushions, etc. We use Kevlar to cover carpets and mattresses, etc. will prevent the foam from interacting with ozone. The ozone will oxidize the foam and rubber and cause a chemical ozone smell that can persist for weeks. So, Tip # 3 is not to do it with an ozone shock treatment! Shock treatments of one or two hours in houses filled with furniture is advisable. You may need to perform many of these shock treatments, but prevention is better than cure by shocking a house full of furniture. Some suppliers tell their customers to simply turn on the ozone generator and let it run for a few days. I strongly discourage this practice.

Tip # 4. When you're ready to buy, call the seller and order over the phone. Chances are your ozone generator will need a service at some point. I do not know about you but I hate to buy something online, break it down, then not be able to talk with a live person for support without having to wait 30 minutes or even worse, not being able to Talk to a live person at all so do not have my emails answered! You can smother this type of situation in the egg by calling first. If you can not switch easily and get a live, knowledgeable person to answer the phone to place your order, then consider buying elsewhere. This advice allows you to make a major purchase of tickets on the Internet.

If you want to save money and make a wise investment, ask the right questions before buying your ozone generator and consider incorporating some of my suggestions as well as. The more you shop around, the more time you spend doing research on the Internet and, more importantly, the more time you spend sending emails and speaking directly with the provider, the more likely you are to make a wise investment and you find great ozone machine that lasts you all your life.

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