Reformed smokers – A real pain in the ass!

There is no worse anti-smoking than a reformed smoker! They have greater pain in the buttocks with their pharisaic attitude than those who have never smoked. They seem to have forgotten the day they were also addicted to nicotine drugs and also got a twisted pleasure from their addiction to it. Do not they remember all those times when they started picking up their friends and family members who do not smoke and asking if it was okay to smoke in their car, their house, their place work, etc.? Yet the moment they leave, is; 'Get away from me with this dirty and disgusting car/">cigarette' or # Can not you blow your smoke elsewhere? and other moralistic remarks!

It was not so long ago I was walking through the narrow streets of central London with a reformed smoker. It was early in the morning and there were a lot of trucks and vans that unloaded their goods, which inflated the exhaust gases in our path. Yet, when I dared to light a car/">cigarette, my friend protested and asked me to walk behind her as the smoke of my tiny fuming Marlborough irritated her throat! Honestly, reformed smokers are a pain in the buttocks. But keep reading, because the hypocrisy is staggering!

Later that day, she jumped into her Dodge Durango 4.7 V8 4WD and went to pick up the kids from the school, which is half a kilometer from her home. This engine is probably one of the most polluting cars today, although it dares to complain about the tiny cloud of smoke emitted outside by a single car/">cigarette. Yet, she drives all the pollutants out of her four-wheel drive gasoline.

Smokers reformed – a worst enemy smoker

Look, some of us smoke because we want to. The others are smoking because they feel that they have to do it. Many smokers simply smoke because they really benefit despite the consequences. As long as it is legal and we respect the laws of the land, and we only light up in the designated areas, then the anti-smoking squad should continue! One would think that those who have never "smoked" would be the most opposed. In reality, they are the most understanding and tolerant. It's holier than reformed smokers who are the worst enemies of a smoker.

Can you believe that two people I've been smoking with since I stopped, make rude and derogatory remarks every time they see me or see someone? Other smoking outside the office. I mean, these people were part of our smoking clan to cry aloud, and now they are anti tobacco anyway.

They actually have the audacity to whisper sarcastically audible remarks while passing us smokers. It is not uncommon to hear them utter such things as: "look at those people who use the streets and doors as their personal ashtrays." If I see them throwing their butts off the floor or flipping through their Butts in the streets, I'm Honestly, did they forget when they were smoking smokers, distinguishing themselves with the rest of us by enjoying their nicotine problem? Talk about the pot that calls the black kettle!

Reformed smokers seem to think that they have a duty to educate the world about the dangers of smoking, but their approach does little to entice people to sit down and listen. Their method seems to be to put the smoker on every occasion to try to make them feel like a kind of underclass or marginal social. According to them, we are disguised, we are selfish, we feel bad, we are disordered, we are at risk of fire, and just to put the ice on the anti-smoking cake, we are a danger to health and the well-being of those around us

Enough, that's enough!

At all you do, Goody reformed smokes there, here is a Newsflash for you: smoking is legal. We are no longer allowed to smoke inside the workplace. The same goes for restaurants, cinemas and cafes. We all cuddle together in smoking areas and respect all areas designated as non-smoking areas. Our car/">cigarette smoke spits out less pollutants in the atmosphere than your gasoline cars. So, let us smoke a favor and end our business and let us take care of yours!

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