Residential security with evacuation ladder and alarm

Probably an item that most of us do not think of, is the addition of a backup scale to our security plan. We never think that a fire will happen to us, but when a fire goes off with an emergency ladder, it may be the difference between getting out of the house or not.

It takes less than a minute for a house to be engulfed in flames and even with alarms and fire extinguishers it can get out of control quickly. Smoke is usually more of a problem than flames, so it's important to have a backup ladder to get out of the house.

Emergency ladders are cheap and can be purchased at most hardware stores. There are several different styles, including chain scale and echelon that are designed for multiple stories. You can also add a permanent ladder to the outside of your home or you can get foldable and even retractable backup ladders.

One can buy escape kits that include an escape ladder that extends to forty feet in length with a fume hood. Some of these kits contain chemical sticks and a horn for firefighters to know you are at home.

Most apartment buildings have a permanent emergency exit attached to the exterior of the building. If you live on an upper floor in any of these buildings, you will appreciate that these ladders are available in case of fire.

With an escape ladder, you will want to have a fire alarm system working properly. There are different types of alarms among those who can inform emergency personnel of those who are triggered by smoke, heat or manually triggered. Some even have lights that flash when the alarm goes off for hearing impaired people.

Do some research to find what is best for you. You can talk to your local fire department to see what they recommend and talk to the local hardware store or home center staff.

When you install a fire alarm system, you need to determine if you need a basic model. has more options. For twenty dollars, you can probably buy a basic model for your home. If you want one that also has a monitoring system, you will probably pay between one hundred and three hundred dollars.

If you plan to add a monitored system, you will have to consider the monthly fees that will apply. These fees are usually inexpensive and should cost between twenty and forty dollars a month. Some companies do not charge for equipment because they know that they will receive your monthly fees. However, the cost of installation with the monthly fee is a small price to pay when considering the damage that a fire can cause to your home and your property.

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