Sell your house – If you feel it, you can not sell it

When you sell your house, you want to be the most beautiful house in the neighborhood. First impressions count. With so many homes on the market today, buyers are looking for reasons to cross the properties of their listing.

One of the most powerful impressions that your home makes is the smell. The director of my real estate agency always advised us "If you feel it, you can not sell it". Even if it's a subconscious, a buyer is turned off when a house smells.

Your real estate agent may be too embarrassed to tell you that your house smells bad. You probably do not even notice any familiar smells in your home. Pet odors, food odors, odors of dirty clothes – everything is bad and guaranteed to extinguish potential buyers. Ask your Realtor to be honest with you about the smells in your home.

Fortunately, the smell is one of the easiest problems to take care of for homeowners. When you sell your house, you can not live there as usual. Fish dinners? Not until your house is sold. Dirty litter boxes? No question – you have to empty this box every day or even several times a day. Dirty diapers? Find a better disposal system. Cigars or cigarettes? You will have to smoke outside.

One of the simplest and least expensive ways to make sure your home has a fresh smell is to open the windows. Nothing is worse than a room or a sweltering tub. Throw the windows even briefly, even if it is the winter or the hottest day of the summer. The ventilation of your home is the key to selling it

Be very careful with air fresheners. Many people are allergic to chemicals in these products and will leave your home quickly because of them. A buyer with a beating headache is not likely to be enthusiastic about your home.

Cheap products are typically too hard and intense. Quality counts when selecting scented items. Expensive candles are a good choice and tend not to be overwhelming. Discover the candles of Diptyque or Thymes. Good quality reed diffusers are another option that leaves just a light fragrance in a room. Again, ask your agent for advice – we all react differently to smells and what seems to be too intense for someone else.

Even if you buy the best candles or the most expensive potpourri, be sure to use them sparingly. If a buyer sees a reed diffuser on each table, he starts asking questions. What are you trying to hide? What would this house look like without all these scented products?

If your agent has an open house planned, you can have fun with the smells. In cold weather, keep a pan of hot cider and cinnamon sticks on the stove. Buyers will appreciate the hot drink and the house will smell delicious. You have probably heard tips on baking bread or cookies. I've discovered something even easier at an open house recently. Pick up a package of premade brownies – brownie bites – and reheat them in the oven. The smell is so intoxicating that shoppers may be tempted to bake brownies while falling in love with your kitchen.

Remember – it's the "sweet smell of success" that you are aiming for. Make sure your home smells fresh and you succeed in selling your home successfully.

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