Sell your house in a slump – Top Tips

With all the uncertainty surrounding the economy, and house prices in particular, your best bet might be to stay put if you do not have to sell. But if you have no choice but to put your home on the market, it is very important to make sure that you do everything you can to sell quickly – and for the best price possible. First impressions are very important and potential buyers can be discouraged in an instant if they do not like the look of your home, so follow our tips to make your home as inviting as possible.

Make your home a dream home in terms of decorating, keep everything simple and neutral. Find a balance between having too much of your own personality stamped all over your house and having no personality at all. The flaking paint or the gaudy colors will not do you any good, so repainting the walls should give the place a facelift. Choose the colors carefully: try the colors of stone that have a little warmth but not too much character.

Vendors are often advised to personalize their home by removing family photos and photos because they can distract buyers and make it harder for them to imagine living there. low. Still, remember that a house should be exactly that, a house, so removing any evidence of your life there can result in the house looking unwelcoming.

Giving your home a facelift should not be expensive; a redevelopment and some well-placed simple accessories will help make your home more presentable. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Large mirrors can help enlarge a small room and they also reflect light, making a room brighter.
  • Rearrange the furniture to create space illusion. If a room seems a bit cramped, try moving the furniture, maybe in a different room, or even get rid of it completely.
  • Open your curtains and blinds. This will automatically clear a room and make it more joyful.

Clean Up Your House Flickers

It may sound obvious, but it’s often overlooked and can make a real difference when you’re trying to sell your home. Bathrooms in particular need to be flawless, so grab your worries and get scoured! Remove all unnecessary toiletries and make sure the towels are clean and tidy. Be strict with yourself and declutter as much as possible. Things you can not bear can not be stored in storage units.

Do not bother buying a new expensive carpet to replace a dirty carpet. Buyers may prefer laminate flooring and you may have wasted your money. Giving carpets a thorough shampoo and vacuum will certainly improve their appearance.

Be aware of the smell of your home – nothing is more repulsive than the smell of car/">cigarette smoke or pets when you walk in the door! A good cleaning should get rid of most unpleasant odors, but fresh flowers and essential oils are great for making your home feel beautiful. Do not forget the garden. Wash the front and back doors, keep the lawn mowed and uncluttered and take out the hose to remove dirt. Try some potted plants again to make the area more attractive.

Market it at the Right Price

Ask a real estate agent to come and advise you on ways to improve your chances of selling. Also try neighbors and friends who can be honest with you about problems with your property and help you make some small changes.

Get three or four assessments from different real estate agents to get a realistic idea of ​​how much you can sell your home for. Do not be sucked into the highest valuation that a real estate agent gives you. They could just tell you what you want to hear.

The best advice from an expert

Real estate developer Gary McCausland has given us great advice on how to sell your home quickly.

  • The way your home is viewed from the outside is one of the most important things when one tries to sell – and one of the things that people often neglect. Keep the front of the house tidy and clean, remove moss or weeds from walls, clear gutters and clean windows and sills
  • Try painting the front door in black or blue dark.
  • Sell people a lifestyle. People want to look at a house and imagine a particular way of life that it will encourage. Try to leave bottles of champagne in the kitchen or a cocktail dress hanging in a room: viewers can see these things and imagine that buying your house will give them the kind of life that involves parties and champagne !
  • Indicate the key areas of potential. Potential is a very important word in the property, so show the audience areas where they can expand, or ideas on how they can use certain pieces. So, if you have multiple bedrooms, you can suggest that they would be ideal to become a daycare or study and if there is room for building a conservatory, make sure you report it.

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