Should you buy a windowless air conditioner?

A windowless air conditioner is a stand-alone unit that does not need to sit on the window sill

Although many experts claim that windowless air conditioners are less efficient than air conditioners. other units,

These include the fact that this type of unit is easier to install, can eliminate smoke odors, and is very good in cold rooms that work hot and are not cooled correctly by another cooling system.

Here is an overview of the pros and cons of buying a windowless air conditioner.

This type of unit is certainly easier to install and is not a horror. Because only a single tube needs to be powered from the window, this type of unit is really unobtrusive. In fact, it is very difficult to see a unit from outside your home.

A windowless air conditioner can also be a good idea if you are looking to provide extra cooling in your home perhaps already in place the central air.

For example, it may be wise to use a windowless air conditioner in a room that does not get a good cooling of your central air system. Often, a room on the second floor or in a particularly sunny area will find it difficult to cool down only by pressing the central air.

You can solve this problem by placing a windowless unit in this overheated room. This will help remove the warm air from the room. It will also mean that cooler air will circulate in the rest of the house.

Windowless units work just as well to control odors in your home. Since they always draw air from the outside, a single hose is particularly effective at removing odors, such as cigar or car/">cigarette smoke.

In addition, this type of air conditioner can also prevent odors from entering other parts of the home. This happens because the air pressure in the room with the unit is lower than the air pressure in the other parts of the house. As a result, the smells will be contained.

A windowless air conditioner is actually a better system to use than central air if the goal is to contain car/">cigarette smoke. A CPU can actually move car/">cigarette smoke around the entire house, while a windowless unit contains the smell of smoke.

Another potential benefit of this type of unit is that often these models are more profitable than other units.

Now, the disadvantages …

Experts agree that windowless air conditioners tend to take time to cool your room. Some studies indicate that these units take twice as long to cool a room compared to windows.

Another problem with the windowless air conditioner is that they are not particularly effective in really hot climates. Because these units are constantly drawing air from the outside to replace the air in the room, they do not work as well when the outside temperatures are extremely high.

For example, if you live in a part of the country has long stretches of time at 90 °, a windowless unit will really have a hard time keeping your house cool. On the other hand, if you already have a central system in place, then this type of system can offer additional cooling in some parts of your home.

The other big problem with windowless air conditioners is that they are often more expensive to run than a window model. Because the unit continually draws warm air from the outside, it does not work particularly efficiently. This means that the unit will have to work longer and harder to cool your room. This, of course, will result in high electricity bills.

The final potential disadvantage of a windowless air conditioner is that it is only effective in one room. Because of its design, this type of unit simply does not have enough power to push fresh air into your multiple rooms.

For this reason, Consumer Reports researchers point out that the BTU rating of these units is often inaccurate. While some people expect the BTUs of the window air conditioner to be comparable to those of a portable unit, this is not true. On the contrary, windowless air conditioners cool much smaller spaces for the same BTU.

If you are still interested in buying a windowless air conditioner, consider your expectations

This is not the type of unit that can keep your house whole cool during a strong heat wave. This type of unit can also cost you a portion of it in electricity bills. On the other hand, if you are looking to keep a moderately cool room or if you are trying to contain the smell of car/">cigarette smoke, then a windowless unit might be the best choice.

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