Smoke flavor of electric grills

With the advent of electric barbecues, it is possible to cook food on the outside without the disorder of charcoal, ignition liquid or blinding smoke. What can be missing is the smoky flavor that so many people want food on the barbecue. Here are some tips to help you grill with electricity while maintaining the taste of smoked food.

Safety is always the first priority in any outdoor kitchen. Just because there is no flame, it does not eliminate any risk of fire. Follow the clearances indicated in the owner's manual for cooking at a safe distance from all structures. If you must use an extension cord with your grill, use the appropriate gauge or thickness and length to avoid overheating the cord of excessive strength. Never leave your grill unattended. A thrust or grill knocked down by a gust of wind can quickly ruin your food or your day.

Your source of smoke will be wood, of course, in the form of chips or a large chunk. The wood can be soaked in water beforehand, but this will only increase the time it takes to smoke. Wrap a handful of chips in a double layer of heavy aluminum foil, and use a fork to punch some holes in it. Poke too few holes, and the wood will not get enough air to burn. Sting too much, and the wood can burn too quickly.

Whether it is wood chips or lumps, you will need to learn the nature of your particular grill to determine the best placement. The wood may be better suited to positions above, below or next to the element. As long as you get a small but steady stream of smoke, that's enough.

If your electric grill turns the element on and off depending on the thermostat, it may be necessary to increase the heat setting to get enough heat to get wood smoke. The next consideration becomes how to avoid burning food. Increase the distance between the item and the food when you smoke it. If you increase the heat setting but you do not get smoke, you may need to slightly change the control of the element to slightly higher it. This option is beyond the scope of this article.

The smoke can not be excessive wood nor can it accumulate around the food. The goal is a stream of smoke around the food and on the top of the grill. If your grill lid has a vent hole, it must be fully open or close. Simply tilting the grill lid can prevent smoke from escaping. You can have a thermometer in the lid; This is a great place to put a ventilation hole for smoke. Remove the thermometer and connect most of it with an aluminum foil. Another solution is to use a metal cover through the cover next to the hole to adjust the smoke evacuation.

Another obvious safety point is to remember the possibility that your wood will burn. Keep a spray of water on hand to mist the wood. Remember that smoking wood receives a large amount of oxygen when you lift the lid, and you should be ready to keep it safe.

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