Step by step method on how to get rid of cigarette smoke smell in car

In my previous posts, I have discussed how to get car/">cigarette smoke smell out of car using home remedies. In this post, we’ll discussing step by step method on how to get rid of smoke smell in car.

Getting the smoke smell out of a car is a tedious task especially because you have two main things in your mind. Firstly, to get smoke smell out of the fabric, mats, carpet and upholstery. Secondly, to eliminate smoke odour entrapped in the ducts of heating and air conditioning system which is even more difficult and more expensive than the former. Below is the inexpensive step by step method to get rid of car/">cigarette smoke smell from car including ducts and air conditioning system.

Materials & Tools required:

  • Air deodorizer
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Steam cleaner

Step 1. Cleaning

First of all you need to wipe the surfaces with a damp cloth so that extra dust and particles can be removed. You can also use car cleaning products for this purpose.

Get smoke smell out of car

Step 2. Vacuum Cleaning

You should now vacuum clean all the nooks and corners especially the fabric areas, upholstery, mats, carpets etc which are generous in absorbing dust. Make sure to vacuum clean the surfaces under the seats as these are the neglected areas.

how to get rid of cigarette smoke smell from car

Step 3. Steam Cleaning

You’ll need to steam clean the interior to get rid of the smoke smell from the upholstery. There are some commercially available odour removers which you can use however that will cost you some good bucks. You may want to refer to the alternatives I have posted before if you are looking for inexpensive options. how to get rid of cigarette smoke smell from car

Step 4. The Ducts and Air Conditioning System

A less expensive way to get smoke smell out of your air conditioning system is by using odor neutralizers. Park your car in a well ventilated area and put your air conditioning and fan on full blast. Also make sure you do not have the air recirculation on but make sure you have the fresh air on. Spray the odor neutralizer near the air intake, which is usually underneath the glove box or dashboard. Let it suck in odor neutralizer. This will get the smoke out of all the circulation system and kill the pesky car/">cigarette smell.

You can repeat the same process for heating system as well.

how to get rid of cigarette smoke smell from car

Step 5. Further Cleaning

If you are still stuck with smoke odor then you can give your car ozone treatment. This will kill the unwanted bacteria and denature the car. However, ozone is known to be harmful for your health as well as environment so use with caution.

how to get rid of cigarette smoke smell from car

I hope you liked my post. Please share your experience in the comment section. You read more about how to get smoke smell out of house and how to get car/">cigarette smell out of clothes.

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