The 5 best reasons to remove your acoustic ceiling

# 1 – Asthetics – The biggest reason to get rid of acoustic ceilings is that they look terrible. Most people do not like how the popcorn ceilings look like. In fact, this style is so hated that in many cases it can lower the value of a home, or even divert people from buying it. This is especially true in cities or more "trendy" neighborhoods. Over the years, the ceiling will also become dusty and will acquire stains that can only be removed if the entire ceiling is redone. Because the texture is difficult to paint, some houses have colored walls with white ceilings, which only highlights its ugliness. And if the owners decide to paint, the fragile nature of the material limits the number of layers that can be coated. Too thick a painting can make the ceiling heavy and make parts fall. The simple solution for a more versatile ceiling is to scrape the surface of the popcorn ceiling and give it a smooth finish. This will give it a more attractive appearance that can be changed more easily according to one's taste.

# 2 – Health – These types of ceilings are very dirty and dusty. Over the years, acoustic ceilings collect dust and dirt and there is no way to really clean it. Painting on it does not clean it either, it can trap dirt and it starts to build more and ruins the ceiling. Dust that accumulates can be inhaled by locals, causing health problems. Because the material of these ceilings is very fragile, whenever it is disturbed, small particles are released into the air. This is not only a health threat, but it can also dirty your floors. The only way to clean the acoustic ceilings is to remove them and then replace them with something that will not collect dust. So, you take a porous surface and turn it into a smooth, cleanable surface.

# 3 – Allergies – Allergies decrease significantly once the acoustic ceiling has been removed. All that you have been allergic to is taken in acoustics and if you have allergens in your ceiling, you can not get away. Mites are the most common trigger of allergies, and it tends to get stuck in the corners and recesses of the ceiling. Dusting or vacuuming can help, but it is rarely effective. And often, when you try to clean, the surface is disrupted and the particles are released into the air, which makes the situation worse. With a flat surface, you can rest easily knowing that allergens have one less place to hide.

# 4 – Odors – Acoustic odor traps were created because they absorb sound. Unfortunately, they also absorb odors. This can be particularly problematic in the kitchen where the ceiling is often exposed to a series of strong odors from cooking. Smoke and steam deliver odors directly to the ceiling where they remain trapped for a long time. Another big problem comes from people who smoke inside. This not only gives the ceiling a disturbing smell, but also an ugly yellow hue. Once the odors are trapped, there is really no way to get rid of them, except to get rid of the ceiling completely and give it a fresh finish.

# 5 – Out Dated – Popcorn ceilings were popular in the '60s and' 70s because of their noise reduction properties. But the truth is fluffy carpets and solid doors are much more effective, especially in single-story homes. Realizing this, people started to opt for more modern styles. Since the 80s, the vast majority of homes do not have popcorn ceilings. The dotted effect may seem particularly inappropriate if a house has undergone other renovations.

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