The art of cleaning your home using the smoke from a packet of sage or cedar

Definition: Smudging involves smoking or smudging your living spaces with the help of a burning cedar / sage beam. This cleans the rooms in two ways, first by trapping the airborne germs and clearing the room of outdated energy.

I made smudges several times and I never had any problem. It has always gone as smoothly as possible, as if circulating with a weed and cleaning the air of airborne diseases and other psychic debris could be considered a routine , like dusting. Usually, the biggest problem I have with smudging is getting a good sage smoke, usually I have to use a bunch of matches or dump a butane lighter for keep the wise man smoking. So this time it was going to be different. I had my cedar and sage teeth about two inches in diameter. I spread the twigs to get oxygen deep into the bundle. Everything went well, I only had to restart it two or three times and it gave off the desired smoke. I was blowing on it to fan it and keep the embers on, then I finished. I have a small apartment. I am always extremely careful with embers that make sure not to set fire to my apartment.

After I finished, I put the sage in an old pie box on my table and sat down to enjoy my newly stained apartment. I thought I must have done an exceptional job because I kept the smell of sage. I started to read my book and did not think much about it, but in about an hour my little dog started acting strangely and had a kind of burn in my throat.

This time I had succeeded where else I had I failed because I had sage burned as I had never before done before.

On other occasions, the sage will simply burn himself in the pie plate and then I will sink it under the water. This time, the package had burned all the time, it was a plume of gray / white smoke that writhed and curved and filled my apartment with its unmistakable smell. Unfortunately, it was not the hottest day but I opened the window and turned on the fan. I threw a sweatshirt and fleece socks to stay warm and I started weighing the options of a cold apartment or a smoky apartment

I tried to keep a delicate balance between the cold and the avoidance of smoke. . Do I keep the heat with all windows open? It seemed counterproductive.

I wrapped my dog ​​in a blanket, he did not have a thick coat and we both braved the cold. He continued to look at me accusingly; yes, I know that I had caused this inconvenience to both of us. The smudging was the gift that continued to give. I had done such an exceptional job after three days of balancing daily vents and keeping warm, I thought I had evacuated the smoke, but a few days later my sister complained of the smell. She has a strange and sensitive nose anyway, so once again, fresh and cold air to the rescue.

Now, I’m not sure that’s the desired result; Are you trying to get rid of pathogens and unwanted psychic energies? or is trying to get rid of the spotted smell really cleaning?

It’s like when they add odor to natural gas because in its natural form is odorless, it’s a warning system, so smudging is like getting rid of Things that do not smell, but when you finally get rid of the stain smell, you know you got rid of other things too. Next time, I will practice better fire safety practices and wait for a warmer day so that I can keep the windows open and maybe I will not have dirty looks from my dog.

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