The shocking truth about smoke detectors and fire alarms

Find out which fire sprinkler systems are the most effective fire protection!

A Scottsdale family also thought that fire alarms were sufficient to protect them from fire – with tragic results. Two middle-aged adults and one young adult lived in the house.

Even so, the family was rendered unconscious by inhaling smoke before firefighters could save them. When they arrived, they were able to take out all the occupants of the house. One has survived. One died on the scene, and one died later in the hospital. Discover why more and more homes are moving from passive fire protection to active fire protection

Fire alarms are a passive defense against fire: they warn you of a problem, but they do not do anything about it. Another to contain a fire. They are passive in their protective abilities.

About 14% of fire alarms malfunction during a fire. Many others do not work because of a mistake by the user – the batteries have expired or the device has been unplugged to prevent it from shutting down accidentally. The fire alarms are so sensitive that a little smoke coming from cooking food on the stove can trigger them, causing many people to disconnect them from frustration.

Most fires occur at night when people are sleeping. It can take several minutes for a family to wake up, get dressed and come out of the house when a fire alarm goes off, no matter what the noise. These few minutes are all a fire must escape all control. At the moment a fire alarm goes off, residents are in a race against fire and all too often the fire wins.

In addition, young children are particularly vulnerable to fire. Children under five usually do not understand what they need to do. They often hide under a bed or in a closet and usually can not escape alone

The disabled and the elderly can not move quickly without assistance and may have difficulty climbing stairs and stairs. stairs in case of emergency. Many fire-related deaths involve people with health problems who can not move fast enough to get out alone

Active Protection: Why Sprinklers Are So Effective

Fire extinguishers extinguish the fire at its source. a chance to grow. Nine times out of ten, a single jet head is enough to extinguish a fire.

The water flow of sprinklers is designed to lower the internal temperature of a fire to the point where heat can be maintained. Sprinklers extinguish the fire by removing its heat.

Sprinklers also reduce the risk of death by inhalation of smoke, which is the most common cause of death in a house fire.

Sprinklers are the most effective way to protect your home against fire. They are more effective than fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and even firefighters. After a single fire, your family will thank you.

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