Three reasons why smoking in your car is a bad idea

Whether we recognize it or not, many British workers spend a lot of time in their car, not just taxi drivers, but most workers who commute to work. With many daily commutes, it is inevitable that many smokers feel the need to light a car/">cigarette, especially if they are stuck in a traffic jam.

dangerous or expensive for you in the future and the advice coming from most is simply not to smoke while driving.

This is dangerous and could cause a fire.
It is obvious that cigarettes burn and if immediately when driving a car running on highly flammable gasoline or diesel, prevention is better than cure. Clearly, smoking is prohibited at the service station and, for good reason, drops and puddles of fuel are often on the forecourt

. make sure your car is not very clean.

2. It can make your car smell / discolor the fabric
Non-smokers will agree that smoking stinks, the smell left by car/">cigarette smoke is hard to wash clothes in a machine wash, but with car interiors that can not be easily removed. washed means that the odor can be stuck there, or masked by an equally powerful air freshener.

If you own a car for a considerable number of years eventually discolor the interior, the whites turn a horrible yellow color and can be very expensive It is expensive to get a thorough cleaning that will require normally a professional valet service to eliminate fading and odor.

3. It can affect the value of the vehicle when trying to sell
The value of a car is often determined by its condition as well as by its actual statistics; People looking for a second-hand car will be after a car that looks relatively new and well maintained. A smoker car will not be as attractive because of the smell, as well as the discoloration mentioned above and car/">cigarette burns.

The value of this car could drop significantly.

Even smokers would not buy most cars that were owned by a smoker because they do not want the appearance and general experience of driving a vehicle. a car that smells bad and has worn air.

There is also the safety aspect that must be concerned about leaving the road eyes to light a car/">cigarette that could cause an accident or accident. More courtesy should be paid to your passengers, especially if you have children on board as passive smoking can cause health problems for non-smokers.

In general, this is not good for the car. people around you to smoke, so it is best to leave it until you arrive at your destination, provided it is legal and legal to do so.

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